…and she attempts to blog.

As a professional psychic, I can tell you I’ve done A LOT of professional readings remotely, for all sorts of situations.  I’m not unaccustomed to writing, and describing situations…. but this blog is about my journey to where I’m at and my opinions on things and people in the public eye, and, just about anything is fair game here.  I’m excited to do this, and am hoping to keep everyone that follows this, a part of my journey!   

… hm, this could get messy!  Crazy at times, but always informative!


2 thoughts on “…and she attempts to blog.

  1. Hello there.
    My name is Diane Wilkins.I have been a paranormal Investigator for 32 years. I know I pick up spirits all the time. My life has been a shamble for years. It seams the harder I try to make it better, something happens to drag it back down. I was hoping you can PLEASE take a look and tell me if I have a attachment or what the heck is going on. I love God and Jesus very much. people tell me I’m a warrior for God. I deal with dark spirits a lot! I hope you can possibly help.
    Thank you so much.
    Diane Wilkins
    Tacoma Pierce County Paranormal.

    1. I don’t know how you’ve been investigating for
      32 years, but that’s terrific! Anyway yes, you have 2 predominant attachments, and 1 that just follows, no action. One of them you picked up at an old church, dark gray stone like church. The other looks like it was ON THE PROPERTY of the residential but not within. The third that just stands back has been with you since childhood. You really need to do something about that, and really need to start clearing yourself before coming home from investigations. The more you’re in it, the more you calibrate to it, and the more they recognize you. The more attachments you have, the weaker you become, leaving you prone to even more. Let me know if you want a further reading.

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