This insane whirlwind leading up to what will be, um… what it is. Not sure yet…

Attempting now to get in the habit of blogging, hoping to blog a couple times a week!!

It’s the day before my television show is announced to the world on a major cable network, and it’s like Christmas Eve times ten.  SOOO nervous!!  A quick reflection of what 2012 held for me up to this moment is amazing.  A year ago, I hadn’t even heard the news that a show may even exist.  Amazing.

2012 was awful for me and my family, all the way up until the shoot… events including illegal eviction, random flooding of apartments, black mold, hit a pregnant deer, an entity came home with me from a paranormal investigation and systematically attempted to ruin my life over a period of 4 months, castings for another series fell through, teams fell apart, my kids were uprooted, and then uprooted again,  car issues, unexplainably more car issues, and the haters appear to be coming out of the woods!!

Not only is it darkest before the dawn, but the Universe always takes away before it gives back.  Family curses aside, negative entities aside, (all part of the job), it was bound to happen.  The Universe took everything before it could give it back threefold.  The day before leaving on the plane for my first shoot, if I could only explain the calmness, the energetic shift.  That’s when things broke free, and moved opposite.  The tide turned.

In this game, it’s always hurry up and wait.  My life lesson is patience, and i have a lot still to learn on that!  … stay tuned for more news on projects in the works!!  Go team Syndicate!

Meet the team. We are the Syndicate. Premiering on Bio Channel’s new Haunted Encounters: Face to Face. Season premier November 23rd.

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