The Black Dahlia Murder House reading pre production, remote

BELOW:  The remote reading completed and sent to team and production, prior to the shoot by at least a week.  Very detailed… please ignore spelling, grammar, things of that nature.  Below:
Ok, guys i completed the reading for the black dahlia murder house………..and that’s what i insist on calling it now.  ummmmm i got more information than necessary and i don’t know what i should do with it………..Dr. Hodel wasn’t the killer, but he successfully covered up for the killer.  He helped pose the body, he cut up the body, but he isn’t the one that killed her.  ok, hang in there on this with me………..I’ll tell the story as it happened……….
Beth was struggling in the industry trying to break through, but was not on the point desperation that some aspiring actresses would, or could, get to……she however, knew many other actresses that were struggling, meeting them through auditions, that type of thing, she knew many but allowed a few to come close to her.  There was one particular girl, who she knew had worked a couple times as a call girl, it was known, but still a secret… and this girl had been to the house a couple times.  It was never known what she had been there for… but we all can assume.  That house was well known for wild parties and less talked about were the orgies that would happen there.  
Anyway, the girl had told her about connections, that could be made at the house, during parties… by all means, HE WAS CONNECTED, so that was not false.  The friend made an introduction and Beth was invited back to pose for either pictures or some sort of painting, not sure which……… It was a paid job, she would get a decent amount of money to do so, so of course struggling like she was, she agreed, not only for the money but to hopefully make some connections and introductions as well.
She went back as planned, and posed as planned, and was paid as planned, but this is where things get weird.  Her posing appears to be provocative poses, but classy.  The good doctor watched, and was aroused by all of it, and Beth was a pretty girl… btw, this all took place upstairs in the back of the house…………  well, the good doctor had a friend that was always close by.  A male friend.  A male friend that was never talked about because of what it would cause to his reputation or whatever.  This male friend was the only one that was allowed access to the 2 secret rooms in the house,, knew more than he should, (yet still only what he was allowed to know), and was in his own right, CRAZY.  Our Dr. Hodel had him “kept”… if you get my meaning there, he was taken care of as what appeared to this man, like in a relationship… however to our Dr., he was kept like a pet, beneath him, and was a liability.  This man watched the shoot as well, from a distance, but was upset that the Dr. showed interest in Beth.   The doctor of course showed interest in Beth after the “modeling session” was over… and it wasn’t something she was completely unreceptive to, but his boyfriend became enraged.
Beyond that point, I’m sure you all can guess what happened next, there was an argument, there was a fight,  the doctor left them alone together which wasn’t wise, a rape ensued, which was followed by a very near strangling, He bit her……. a couple times………… yet still not dead……unconscious, delirious, but still not dead.  The doctor returned, more fighting, and a cover up ensued……. Sadly Dr. Hodel was too smart for his own good…….he knew that if he could keep the focus on him to a certain extent, say the right things, do the right things, take care of other liabilities that also know about “Sam” (the name that comes through to me as the boyfriend), and he could buy the cops, he could happily send Sam away, and did, to Mexico.
Anyway, the doc carved her like a turkey, and yes, placed markings on her face that were artistic, yet would have easily eluded to his “lover” that he had sent away… there were also cuts and marks on her scalp as well…   the bite marks were carved out of her.  Not sure why, i don’t know if they would have been considered identifiers back then?   she was posed, but here is the thing.  The guy that killed her was crazy, but Hodel… now that’s a whole different level of crazy.  EVERY SINGLE MARK on her and EVERY SINGLE ANGLE of the pose and and even the direction her face looked when she was found, had a meaning, and in his mind it all was like a poem, telling the whole story.  i don’t know if she was completely disemboweled or if he cut into her just for the symbolism, where her uterus would be, but that even symbolized that the person who did this was not FEMALE…….symbols cut into her body, left on her told the whole story……..something said “lovers” or symbolized literally the word “lovers”  as well.  she was not his lover.  His lover did this.  He covered his reputation.
ANYWAY, thought it was interesting what went down……..I saw the halls she was dragged through on her back, naked, by a cord or thin rope around her neck, I saw the rooms this happened in, and the two secret rooms, both on the right side of the house.  One upstairs, one downstairs…….The upstairs room was referred to as the “safe” room, the downstairs one did not have a name, and “anything goes” in that room.  Torture, crazy things…..not just your garden variety S & M……..  like, more.  This wasn’t the only death, well…….murder (even accidental) in that house,   
Interestingly enough, there were not just payoffs of money to police and agencies…….. (he paid off everyone, because money during that time I guess meant you could do whatever you want without conscience)… He literally killed two others not because they had knowledge of this murder, but because they had knowledge of Sam.  His way of doing it though was nothing like this.  Much more medically humane…. medical being the key word here.
Anyway that’s the background of the ACTUAL murder, and when we get there, I’ll show you what and where I saw this all go down.  
In the house, the dungeonous room has tons of residual, and is actually no longer a hidden room, but has been remodeled and (and I think this is so sick) merged with a much more normal room.  Much of the residual that was in the house on the left side ALL AROUND, was slightly sick, but still benign compared to the other side.  that’s where the kids slept, and guests stayed……it’s like that house has a good side and a bad side…….and its divided right in half.  Just FYI, she still is there, she doesn’t really show herself, isn’t enraged, and doesn’t interact with people.  There is either a pond or a pool that is in the back yard that wasn’t there back then……..she liked to swim, so she’s out there much of the time.  there’s a blond that died there as well, accidental but sexual in nature……..she is there, and yes, they are aware of each other.  There’s an older man there, they stay clear of him……..but as far as everything else, it’s residual. 
OH FYI……….also, should be made aware of this……….in the SAFE room is where he carved her up.  She wasn’t dead until the second full cut through… and our good doctor was very aware of this.  She watched the rest.  Oddly he made Sam watch too, but didn’t talk to him…….not sure but I believe it was punishment.  Also, Dr. Hodel was VERY big on hiding things in plain sight, clues, evidence, in his way, he got off on the fact that people were to stupid to figure it out…….and he was of course smarter.  EGO ego.
scalpels will be excellent trigger objects,  If we can get an surgical pack and old mayo tray that would be good as well.  
that’s the background.  If you can give me some sort of like… room layouts, or anything like that………….I will continue with what I’ve already got.  the above, is the background only……….. 
Um, sleep well ya’ll.

10 thoughts on “The Black Dahlia Murder House reading pre production, remote

  1. How sad for Beth. 😦 It’s mentioned in one of the old news stories that she had a tatoo of a rose or something on her thigh, that the tatoo had been been carved out, and that piece of her was supposedly left near her body.

    1. Steve is a gracious man, and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting him, speaking with him, and reading him for the show. We’ve kept in touch since. He very much so believes it not just because of what was posted on his site, but a very personal experience he had after his father’s death… I’ll see if he’s ok with me sharing some of this information. His experience involved proof, but still on the circumstantial side, only because it would be difficult to impossible to prove now, how this piece of proof got to where it was… but still, proof.

      1. I’m glad you remain in touch with him. Am thinking that for him, it could be validating for him that others do believe in what he says, as well as any info that he has, no matter how circumstantial. IMO, that is far more than the seeming piddling amount LE has come up with. I saw one comment by LE something to the effect that it’s far more important for them to spend their (precious) time on active cases, rather than cold cases. Well…. duh. That’s why they have the supposed funding for ‘cold case’ teams. Might be nearly impossible to solve this case now, yet it seems that by trying will likely help bring some measure of justice for Beth. Even the attempt might help her spirit ease on to the other side and RIP.

      2. agreed. Well, he actually knows it because what he came across was without a doubt, linked to the murderer, but the problem is he can’t literally link how it got from one place to another… so it’s a bit more than circumstantial but still… at that level… because of that.

      3. and yes of course they need to work the active cases, but cold cases like this one dealing with a sociopath such as Dr. Hodel… it’s dang good practice, if anything at all! This man was about 10 steps ahead of authorities at all times. And that is a great way for even a seasoned detective to learn.

  2. Sounds to me like if LE would give this matter the attention it deserves, taking a long, hard look at what Steve can provide, they may be able to solve this case as well as many more.

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