Updates on Cecil Hotel/ Elisa Lam Reading, with announcements

Hello everyone, just a quick update for many of you, as requested. ¬†ūüôā ¬† I’m sure I mentioned before that I continue to receive information throughout maybe even as long as a week after an initial reading, and there hasn’t been much to gain, beyond what I’ve already mentioned… some of it cryptic, but will mention it anyway.

First, let me just say, I am not 100 percent sure that she was at the lobby level, as the other levels have the marble floor in front of the elevators… therefore, lobby level should be considered regular speculation and please consider this a retraction.

We are still looking over the anomalies I mentioned before, from the elevator footage, that could not be explained away with the video quality.  We hope to give you further information soon.

Now, a couple psychic hits not mentioned before… It would be pertinent to further investigate this, from the metaphysical side of things, to know which room she stayed in, and the history of that room. ¬†I feel that something happened in that room decades ago that was imprinted in that room’s time and space, that was extremely similar to what happened to Elisa, therefore leaving that weakness or open door for the metaphysical and spiritual oppression that I firmly believe she experienced. ¬†It’s pretty commonly known that usually a ‘weakness’ or even a ‘blindspot’ in a person’s overall identity, past, or essence, if you will, allows for these things to happen. ¬†That has been really eating at me since the original reading, so I thought I would mention that as well.

The strange psychic hits that keep coming through, without any reason… I’m seeing a red suitcase, a brown paper bag with a charm or small trinket in it, still with the receipt, found in her room, meant to be a souvenir for a younger girl in her life. ¬†I’m also seeing chocolate, left over. ¬†It’s also relevant that she became more reclusive as she stayed there, meaning day one she was pretty active, out and about, but by the time this all came about, she hardly ever left her room. ¬†It felt almost like she wasn’t allowed to leave, but not being held captive. ¬†I have no idea what THIS is, but it’s like a black button or something black and round that she used to wear as a charm on a small fine chain necklace. ¬†For some reason she felt LUCKY the day before she either checked in or this happened. ¬†It was the day before a significant event surrounding this… so those are the only two significant events. ¬†I DO see someone did follow her a bit and showed interest, but not seeing they had anything to do with this… however this person could have been a problem if this didn’t happen in advance. ¬†Not wonderful intentions, that I’m feeling there. ¬†This person was dark hair, dark eyes, and appears to me of Italian decent or similar… and she did not feel safe in that area of town, no. ¬†Some things did come up missing for her, but it was not related to this, either. ¬†Missing could mean misplaced as well, considering the state of mind she was in by the time that final day she arrived. ¬†More chocolate and more coffee… strange, almost like there were times she could have lived off of chocolate and coffee!

With all of that being said, I feel drawn to go back there. ¬†to investigate more thoroughly. ¬†This will be in conjunction with a documentary to be filmed specifically centered around the Cecil Hotel. ¬†I will be attending in April, and will be able to verify what I’ve seen and confirm some other things as well. ¬†So please feel free to send me any questions and concerns, or any requests of what you would like pictures of, and that type of thing. ¬†Happy to list them and get as much as I can, for everybody that has interest in this extremely bazaar case. ¬†We will have plenty of time to spend really looking at this case, as well as several others there.

The Murder of Elisa Lam … the unexpected. Psychic Reading



RIP Elisa Lam… 2013, only 21 years old, far too young to go…

This is such a fresh case! ¬†As you all know, I’m used to looking at imprints of such old cases, but because the Cecil itself has become a pet project of mine, this holds special ground for me. ¬†

I wanted to first get the externals out of the way, as I ask for information, it comes. ¬†Was she followed from home to that hotel? ¬†No. ¬†Did she have any enemies? ¬†Absolutely not, very sweet, very smart, wonderful yet shy girl. ¬†Full of talent, and an entire future ahead of her… Did she make enemies with anyone at the hotel during the visit? ¬†That comes through as a negative as well. ¬†She kept to herself and tried to be smart and safe about her time in LA. ¬†

Now looking at her mental/physical and emotional well being… I honestly see that in the past she had suffered from some bouts of depression, mainly caused by some feelings of isolation and loneliness, but I’m not seeing schitzophrenia (I’m sure that’s the first to be looked at for her), or bipolar, nothing like the obvious mental disorders that would cause bazaar behavior, or lead to a sudden suicide. ¬†Physically she was in good shape, other than some simple minor issues, problems with her lower back, kidney region… nothing that would cause anything like that. ¬†She did suffer from headaches quite a bit, but she always pressured herself, and I really feel like those were stress headaches more than anything. ¬†There was an issue in her back left calf, but could have been something as simple as an old running injury… nothing effecting this. ¬† Emotionally she was sound, at the time. ¬†

Oddly enough, I’m seeing a small amount of confusion leading up to checking into the hotel… some transportation issues, all minor, but all happened in route to this destination. ¬†Some may use those as signs, and rethink the visit, but others aren’t that aware of what th Universe will tell them. ¬†

Ultimately her visit to LA started to get strange Day 3 of her being there, when the nightmares and night terrors began. ¬†by the next day they were seeping into her waking hours……some may say hallucinations, shadow figures, that type of thing… every present, following, watching, listening. ¬†It didn’t take more than two days before they were talking to her, communicating with her, saying horrible things… psychologists may try to explain this away as a mental break… or that they are acute symptoms of paranoid schitzophrenia, even though that’s not something that she was ever close to having, no family history, nothing there to suggest it.

In a moment I will analyze the video footage from the elevator from a paranormal psychic phenomena perspective… but first, just know this… what may appear to be a suicide here, was a possession or oppression of some sort. ¬†There are many things that bother me about this case. ¬†And I will run through those later. ¬†There are no signs of trauma on her body, and the autopsy has verified this information. ¬†There will not be anything coming back through in the toxicology screen either. ¬†This is not something that is normal or even explainable, by rational thought. ¬†This girl CLEARLY was running from something only she could see, only she could hear. ¬†Do I think whatever this was, was attached to the hotel? ¬†Yeah, I do. ¬†That’s my experience from being there…feeling what’s there, and knowing that things are not as they seem, much of the time there. ¬†

Elisa Lam would be considered literally INSANE by her final day alive.  She was driven insane by the very same forces (evil, demonic, or just negative entities, as I choose to classify them all as) that have driven people to do insane things, unexplainable things, require exorcisms, or just plain go crazy, as she did.

Once again, no substances, no trauma. ¬†I do not see that she was killed ahead of time, before hitting the water. ¬†I do see that she was coerced in. ¬†Whether that be by someone “ALIVE” or someone from the other side, the coercer was playing on the same team as what she was running from. ¬†NOW… interestingly enough, here is something to consider. ¬†I see something stuck NOT IN HER THROAT, but it’s in her windpipe, it’s a piece of paper or something similar that she stuffed in her mouth before going in, or was put there, but I believe while possibly gasping for air, sucked it all the way down. ¬†It’s lodged in her windpipe, past her epiglottis, and if unfolded or uncrumpled, appears to have something written on it. ¬†If this has pertinent information on the case, then great. ¬†I’m not saying it does. ¬†Much of her final hours were spent doing off the wall things that will not make sense to many of us anyway. ¬†That could be just one of those things.

A couple things that really bother me about this… having been on that rooftop, I can tell you there is no elevator stop off on the roof, no public roof access, there is a door that is basically deadbolted, leading to some very creepy stairs, that lead to another door that has roof access. ¬†The second door with roof access is chained and pad locked. ¬†We couldn’t even just have the janitor come up to unlock it, we had to have the hotel manager come and unlock it just for the production. THERE IS NO PUBLIC ACCESS TO THIS ROOF. ¬†This roof specifically has an insane amount of suicides off the top of it, and in other ways (yep, I said it). ¬†They had to lock it away from the general public because of this. ¬† How she gained access, I would love to know. ¬†Because I truly do not feel management let her up there, and neither did any staff. ¬†

Point of interest:  There has been MUCH paranormal activity reported behind the front desk, in the side and back, where the keys are kept.  Just a thought to throw out there.

NOW……. the OTHER part that really bothers me… there are two hotel elevators in the lobby. ¬†The lobby elevators are within eyeshot of the front desk at all times. ¬†She was at the lobby level because that’s the only level that has the marble floor, that you can clearly see in the security surveillance video:


It appears to me that she is actually in the left elevator of the two… which is the same elevator the team and I took up to Ramirez’s room. ¬†I can tell you at the time, it made some strange noises, and it didn’t feel too steady… lol… it’s an old elevator. ¬†I worried about riding in it, of course. ¬†But the doors definitely closed for us, and QUICKLY… both elevators, you hit the button and there really isn’t time for someone to slide in. ¬†The doors close QUICKLY… but I guess not for her!! ¬†The doors never closed for her, and she was extremely aware of it. ¬†VERY. ¬† I also say this, because i’m almost positive that it will be brought up that maybe someone blocked the elevator in order to force her to take the stairs. ¬†Not possible, as it would have been obvious to the front desk staff, and secondly, there was a second elevator right there to take. ¬†Ok, now for the analysis…

Right off the bat, within the first couple seconds, she walks in confidently, and then turns, with her finger, bends down to push the button obviously like she has an audience. ¬†At this point she is still conscious, but I don’t feel she’s in complete control, and honestly she feels like she’s already gone crazy. ¬†She does get awfully close to the numbers on the buttons, but she wasn’t wearing her glasses either. I’m not liking her posture her first time through, pushing the buttons. ¬†ALSO, note that in the beginning of the video you can clearly see the doors finish opening… meaning the doors weren’t stuck open because of a service issue. ¬†Not in the slightest.

Another odd thing… now I don’t remember and can’t clearly see if there are 2 rows or 3 rows of floor number buttons, but if I remember there are 2. ¬†The lobby is at the bottom with the top floors at the top… she goes straight through ALWAYS STARTING AT THE TOP… pushing 4 buttons straight down, and always on that row. ¬†Ritualistically, as you will see. ¬†ODDLY, people don’t usually start at the top, if they are going to take a tour of the building, they will hit the floors the want to see ON THE WAY UP. ¬†She starts at the top, hits four buttons straight down, which would entail that the elevator would stop on EVERY OTHER FLOOR… Some may say OCD and psychotic break, others may even say she was in a panic trying to just get to any floor she could, because of someone following her., but I see ritualistic behavior, and it’s a show, for an audience.

She attempts to hit the “close door” button, backs up, and then doesn’t look surprised when it fails to close, although it looks like it attempts to. ¬†Almost as if someone reached out and put their hand on the side of the door to keep it from closing, and buy time to get in.

Her reaction to it is amazing… she knows EXACTLY what she’s looking for, outside that door, and even almost plays a bit of a game with it. ¬†These entities have been with her long enough that she already feels crazy and just doesn’t even hide it from herself. ¬†It is interesting that she’s dodging out looking outside the elevator, to the right … full lobby side, ¬†for something low to the ground.

I also find it interesting at the 27 second mark that she’s still looking lower to the ground with NO expression on her face as she dodges back into the corner of the elevator. ¬†She clearly knows they are playing with her. ¬†Yet her mood changes when she allows herself to explore outside the elevator twice more, as if they’ve disappeared and she can’t find them. ¬†This, in my honest opinion, is paranormal hide and go seek.

1 minute 26 seconds of those doors not closing, with all four of those buttons being pushed.  Wow.

It’s been brought to my attention that during this timeframe, her eyes turn black, fully black. Going frame by frame, with absolutely crappy video quality, what I’m seeing is that this can be accounted for with pixelation. ¬†Her hands also appear distorted to some, also crappy video quality, appears that portion can be explained away as well. ¬†Her gestures when coming back into the elevator show me that she has come fully back in control, and literally feels she is losing her mind. ¬†

1 minute 49 seconds… she no longer appears to have feminine behavior and stature, just for a moment… also classic oppression/possession characteristic… it’s fleeting, like usual.

At that point she begins a conversation with them, still looking down, lower than herself, but this time with expression on her face that she has not shown. ¬†Her hand gestures are completely unexplainable, she’s communicating with whatever is after her…

She leaves and turns to the direction of the basement entrance… I am very familiar with what is in that basement, and this fact alone raises questions for me.

There is quite a bit of shadow play and non pixelated anomolies that do need further analysis, before posting, but will at a later time.

Here is a link to the 4 minute video, that clearly shows that the elavator doors have no problem open and closing once she leaves, in fact they do it three times after she leaves. ¬†Interesting, me thinks! ¬†ūüôā






Lizzie Borden Remote Reading with Evidence Found

ImageThe following remote reading was done about 10 days prior to the production shoot of the LIzzie Borden episode, for Bio Channel’s Haunted Encounters, Face to Face. ¬†Because the evidence in this reading is unobtainable… meaning excavation of the property at the exact location of the evidence would require extensive permission from property owner and may result in some destruction of historical property, I have no problem putting this evidence out there. ¬†It was intended for this evidence to come to light on the episode itself, but we found it difficult to obtain permissions. ¬†ALSO, I’m pushing for the release of the filmed in house reading for this episode. ¬†It was too long and detailed for the episode itself, and is at the discretion of the network for release. ¬†Below is directly quoted from the email sent to cast and crew before travel to the location:


Lizzie Borden…
I’ve already done 2 previous distance readings on this and know this well, even though I’ve never been there……so I hope I don’t miss any details when I run through what happened there…
Lizzie had been sexually abused by her father since the age of 13… her doc was aware of the abuse, but was a bit of a family secret. ¬†His wife was also aware. ¬†It was something that wasn’t spoken of EVER, because it was, what it was. ¬†Anyway, a month before the murders happened, she found out she was pregnant, yes, her father’s. ¬†She attempted to buy poison in a small amount I believe from a medical professional, pharmacist or doctor, not sure which……but was refused. ¬†This should be understood that this was not to poison her father, it was to ingest enough to cause a miscarriage and make herself very very ill. ¬†but not enough to kill anyone. ¬†As said she was refused, and as time went by, she went a bit…….crazy….. not sure if it was the hormones or the reality of the situation, but she went crazy. ¬†She fantasized about what she would do for just a couple days before… but it wasn’t very well planned out. ¬†However, when her father and stepmother were ill with food poisoning (that was legitimate), she became opportunistic, and literally went overkill. ¬†Three axes stood up against the wall in the basement. ¬†She stripped down to nothing but left her shoes on, and went and took care of her situation. ¬†As you can tell, she went overkill. ¬†What was once about taking care of the situation, turned into a serious rage killing. ¬†
Here’s a testament to her insanity during the killing. ¬†When it was done, she took her father’s hankerchief out of his pocket and while laughing, wiped the blood off her face. ¬†She kept it. ¬†I I can see it, it’s got his initials embroidered in. ¬†I believe it’s still in the house. ¬†I really do.
Later she did have a miscarriage, not induced. ¬†Alone, and ‘she saw it as fit’ . ¬†I’m not fully sure of if her doctor lived close by but I believe so, and he made sure she was cared for.
The immigrant in the house, spoke with an accent…. was paid to leave and never speak of anything she witnessed.
She was acquitted (obviously) and lived her life as ‘lesbian by choice’, and I can only imagine why, with that many years of abuse.
Both entities are there, and oddly there are also 2, sometimes 3 small child spirits that play up in the upstairs or attic.  at least one of them related to the bordens, another one is disabled from down the street.  
Now where it gets creepy……..Lizzy kept the hankerchief and the shoes she was wearing. ¬†She put them underneath the floor boards in her room… not sure if they are still there, but definitely think it would have been newsworthy if they were ever found. ¬†I haven’t been there, is her old bedroom carpeted over now?
The normal trigger objects would work for the kids, especially the one that is disabled… he warms up to you quickly and has no fear. ¬†For the wife, money would work, as that was her primary concern, or pretending to be wasteful of food, and its obvious what would work for Mr. Borden himself.



Remote Reading of the Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles California. Remote reading performed for the Ghosts of Skid Row episode of Haunted Encounters: Face to Face on the Bio Channel

The following reading was done 2 weeks prior to the production of Haunted Encounters: Face to Face (Ghosts of Skid Row) episode.  This was a remote reading done specifically for psychic research on the hotel.  Only one picture pulled of the hotel itself, and no other research.  Below is a copy and paste of the exact email I sent to cast and crew, as it was completed.
Ok, keep in mind that I haven’t opened any research on this hotel yet, just pulled up a picture. ¬† I’m only going to give you the impressions I get. ¬†There is a man still downstairs that hung himself in the boiler room of the basement. ¬†Still there, and pissed off…….was sad financial crisis…….now pissed because he “can’t” leave. ¬†He WILL make himself known. ¬†Much of what I get in the lobby is A LOT of residual. ¬†Its a mix between good unsuspecting people, and people that were completely devastated, in financial crisis, or down on their luck in other ways. ¬†Would love to be able to pinpoint WHY this hotel worked like a magnet for all of that…. it still does and will continue to do so, even the entities that reside in this hotel are negative…..sad, pissed, upset in general. ¬†There is nothing good here. ¬†
I just messaged Daniel and told him it has a feel of the hotel of 1408 to it…… it really does! ¬†But not that there is one room that is cursed or anything like that……..no, the entire hotel sits on a whirlpool of negativity. ¬†does anyone know what was there BEFORE it was built? ¬†
ImageRichard Ramirez, “The Night Stalker”, serial killer calling The Cecil his home.
going through, it look like back in the day they tried to book the third level and up, first…… not sure what the point was of that. ¬†Im not getting much on those first three floors. ¬†As you go up into the hotel past that, it gets creepy. ¬†I’m not going to say it was cursed, or people got possessed, but I think guests fed of negative energy that never dispelled, and it kept layering up. ¬†People would act crazy, get violent a times, more often than not people would check in normal but distraught, and check out quite f***ed up. ¬†There is something that happened on about the third floor down from the roof, and originally I wanted to say it was in the back of the hotel, but it may have been in the front…..(I assumed the back originally because of the fire escape)… it was a stabbing and it was fatal.
The roof, omg…… Many suicides and murders? ¬†i don’t understand…, 1 survival……..at least at the time, could have passed from injuries later. ¬†HOWEVER….there was a woman that it was assumed a suicide…..she was clearly pushed. ¬†I can hear her screams all the way down. ¬†And looking up, I see someone watching her fall. ¬†Brunette, 30’s, thin. ¬†And its like a loop…over and over and over…….. She had a one year old or similar age…very small child. ¬†Her husband I believe is the one that killed her. ¬†
ImageJack Unterwever, serial killer calling the Cecil his home.
There is so much residual there and so much history there that my head spins and it has a bit of a fear cage effect on me the higher you go up in the hotel. ¬†I can read the hotel one floor at a time if ya’ll need me to, but those are the basics for now.