Remote Reading of the Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles California. Remote reading performed for the Ghosts of Skid Row episode of Haunted Encounters: Face to Face on the Bio Channel

The following reading was done 2 weeks prior to the production of Haunted Encounters: Face to Face (Ghosts of Skid Row) episode.  This was a remote reading done specifically for psychic research on the hotel.  Only one picture pulled of the hotel itself, and no other research.  Below is a copy and paste of the exact email I sent to cast and crew, as it was completed.
Ok, keep in mind that I haven’t opened any research on this hotel yet, just pulled up a picture.   I’m only going to give you the impressions I get.  There is a man still downstairs that hung himself in the boiler room of the basement.  Still there, and pissed off…….was sad financial crisis…….now pissed because he “can’t” leave.  He WILL make himself known.  Much of what I get in the lobby is A LOT of residual.  Its a mix between good unsuspecting people, and people that were completely devastated, in financial crisis, or down on their luck in other ways.  Would love to be able to pinpoint WHY this hotel worked like a magnet for all of that…. it still does and will continue to do so, even the entities that reside in this hotel are negative…..sad, pissed, upset in general.  There is nothing good here.  
I just messaged Daniel and told him it has a feel of the hotel of 1408 to it…… it really does!  But not that there is one room that is cursed or anything like that……, the entire hotel sits on a whirlpool of negativity.  does anyone know what was there BEFORE it was built?  
ImageRichard Ramirez, “The Night Stalker”, serial killer calling The Cecil his home.
going through, it look like back in the day they tried to book the third level and up, first…… not sure what the point was of that.  Im not getting much on those first three floors.  As you go up into the hotel past that, it gets creepy.  I’m not going to say it was cursed, or people got possessed, but I think guests fed of negative energy that never dispelled, and it kept layering up.  People would act crazy, get violent a times, more often than not people would check in normal but distraught, and check out quite f***ed up.  There is something that happened on about the third floor down from the roof, and originally I wanted to say it was in the back of the hotel, but it may have been in the front…..(I assumed the back originally because of the fire escape)… it was a stabbing and it was fatal.
The roof, omg…… Many suicides and murders?  i don’t understand…, 1 survival…… least at the time, could have passed from injuries later.  HOWEVER….there was a woman that it was assumed a suicide…..she was clearly pushed.  I can hear her screams all the way down.  And looking up, I see someone watching her fall.  Brunette, 30’s, thin.  And its like a loop…over and over and over…….. She had a one year old or similar age…very small child.  Her husband I believe is the one that killed her.  
ImageJack Unterwever, serial killer calling the Cecil his home.
There is so much residual there and so much history there that my head spins and it has a bit of a fear cage effect on me the higher you go up in the hotel.  I can read the hotel one floor at a time if ya’ll need me to, but those are the basics for now.

17 thoughts on “Remote Reading of the Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles California. Remote reading performed for the Ghosts of Skid Row episode of Haunted Encounters: Face to Face on the Bio Channel

      1. Chelsea what do you think happened ? I am surprised no one from the media has contacted you . You are obviously possess a brilliant ability to read the paranormal !

    1. This readings was done 2 weeks (roughly) prior to leaving for LA for the shoot, roughly the third week of June 2012 but can look on the email to see the date sent if need be.

  1. It was so creepy what happened to Elisa Lam. Did u watched videos in the elevator before she disappear . She was acting very bizarre . The positions of her limbs look very twisted and awkward at times and elevator door didn’t close while she was in. Do you think she might get possessed or something? I assume she is not normal herself because she seems to be an intelligent college student in UBC which is the best university in Vancouver.

    1. I will conduct a very indepth reading on this specific murder tomorrow and post it within a few days. You definitely noticed the same things I did. That hotel has some very personal experiences for me, and yes, I think she was, at the very least oppressed. Please watch for it, and would love to get your comments on that!!

      1. I am looking forward to your reading and post. The autopsy was conducted today. I hope the result won’t be adding any more creep to the case.

  2. Chelsea, I’ve become a fan! great reading. doI think Elisa was possessed? Do you think it may be the ghost you described as being pushed by the husband who fell from her death? It looked like eliza was petting a small child in the elevator & playing hide and seek. Also it looked as if she is reenacting something – maybe her death? Some residual looping energy left from previous death/suicide of woman? Pressing the buttons in elevator was actually showing us how she got up to rooftop thru pressing alarm code to access roof?

    1. No… Rooftop is under lock and key… No access to the public. However the button pushing was very ritualistic which is common for someone oppressed or posessed by an entity, yes

    2. I watched Face to face ghost encounter episode in cecil hotel. Chelsea’s encounter at basement level. Its freaky. Chelsea, Did u do this remote reading before you went there? I guess that guy is still around. I am really curious about your opinion of Elisa. Her room is on 4th floor. Why did she end up in 14th floor playing with the elevator? There must be some reason she goes to 14th floor.

      1. Richard Ramirez had 14 victims, lived on 14th floor, paid $14 a night. The number ‘4’ in our culture means death. There were 4 cisterns….

  3. Elisa Lam prooves to me a demon can kill you in this plane. I liked the paranormal activity movies, but I didn’t know if that could be possible or not. Now I know, at least in my mind. I live in Los Angeles and want to check the hotel out. But I admit I am little scared to do so. I don’t think messing around with a demon is a good idea. If I had guns and SWAT gear maybe, but don’t even know if fire power can stop a demon. Well I will go there, how far I dunno; all start with the lobby; in the day.

    1. Demons and ghosts… lots of different comments on this. Please keep in mind that I never said it was Demonic, but yes, it was a negative entity (or three rather)… Do I feel it was human? No…. but do I know it was demonic? No, I really don’t. The word “demon” is very over used, ESPECIALLY in the paranormal field. I feel that negative entities such as this, CAN and do WHAT THEY CAN to oppress you and coerce you. I’ve read many a comment about my blog, on other blogs that I said that demons and ghosts killed her. Not the case. They cannot. They can however, coerce you into killing yourself…. and yes, many a time, it will be in the most bazaar ways, under the most suspicious circumstances. This hotel BREEDS that kind of evil.

  4. I remember some years ago being stuck with a friend over night at the greyhound station near the Cecil. An astounding numer of disturbed people apparently migrate towards the station at night. I’d never heard of this hotel at the time, but remember asking my friend “I wonder if many of these down and out people that seem schitzophrenic are actually… possessed or something?” That’s truly the sense I got at the time.

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