Lizzie Borden Remote Reading with Evidence Found

ImageThe following remote reading was done about 10 days prior to the production shoot of the LIzzie Borden episode, for Bio Channel’s Haunted Encounters, Face to Face.  Because the evidence in this reading is unobtainable… meaning excavation of the property at the exact location of the evidence would require extensive permission from property owner and may result in some destruction of historical property, I have no problem putting this evidence out there.  It was intended for this evidence to come to light on the episode itself, but we found it difficult to obtain permissions.  ALSO, I’m pushing for the release of the filmed in house reading for this episode.  It was too long and detailed for the episode itself, and is at the discretion of the network for release.  Below is directly quoted from the email sent to cast and crew before travel to the location:


Lizzie Borden…
I’ve already done 2 previous distance readings on this and know this well, even though I’ve never been there……so I hope I don’t miss any details when I run through what happened there…
Lizzie had been sexually abused by her father since the age of 13… her doc was aware of the abuse, but was a bit of a family secret.  His wife was also aware.  It was something that wasn’t spoken of EVER, because it was, what it was.  Anyway, a month before the murders happened, she found out she was pregnant, yes, her father’s.  She attempted to buy poison in a small amount I believe from a medical professional, pharmacist or doctor, not sure which……but was refused.  This should be understood that this was not to poison her father, it was to ingest enough to cause a miscarriage and make herself very very ill.  but not enough to kill anyone.  As said she was refused, and as time went by, she went a bit…….crazy….. not sure if it was the hormones or the reality of the situation, but she went crazy.  She fantasized about what she would do for just a couple days before… but it wasn’t very well planned out.  However, when her father and stepmother were ill with food poisoning (that was legitimate), she became opportunistic, and literally went overkill.  Three axes stood up against the wall in the basement.  She stripped down to nothing but left her shoes on, and went and took care of her situation.  As you can tell, she went overkill.  What was once about taking care of the situation, turned into a serious rage killing.  
Here’s a testament to her insanity during the killing.  When it was done, she took her father’s hankerchief out of his pocket and while laughing, wiped the blood off her face.  She kept it.  I I can see it, it’s got his initials embroidered in.  I believe it’s still in the house.  I really do.
Later she did have a miscarriage, not induced.  Alone, and ‘she saw it as fit’ .  I’m not fully sure of if her doctor lived close by but I believe so, and he made sure she was cared for.
The immigrant in the house, spoke with an accent…. was paid to leave and never speak of anything she witnessed.
She was acquitted (obviously) and lived her life as ‘lesbian by choice’, and I can only imagine why, with that many years of abuse.
Both entities are there, and oddly there are also 2, sometimes 3 small child spirits that play up in the upstairs or attic.  at least one of them related to the bordens, another one is disabled from down the street.  
Now where it gets creepy……..Lizzy kept the hankerchief and the shoes she was wearing.  She put them underneath the floor boards in her room… not sure if they are still there, but definitely think it would have been newsworthy if they were ever found.  I haven’t been there, is her old bedroom carpeted over now?
The normal trigger objects would work for the kids, especially the one that is disabled… he warms up to you quickly and has no fear.  For the wife, money would work, as that was her primary concern, or pretending to be wasteful of food, and its obvious what would work for Mr. Borden himself.



One thought on “Lizzie Borden Remote Reading with Evidence Found

  1. I am so refreshed and am certainly going to tell you that I have seen the exact same thing! You are confirming facts that I already knew. It is so nice to meet someone that is like me, and to know I’m not crazy. I have worked on two cold cases thus far; but this was wonderful to compare notes with yours. Real know real. Feel free to email me at

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