4 thoughts on “Remote Reading of the Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles California. Remote reading performed for the Ghosts of Skid Row episode of Haunted Encounters: Face to Face on the Bio Channel

  1. Hi Chelsea,
    A reader on a newspaper ( The Guardian ) pointed out something regarding the Elisa Lam case. The reader pointed out that Elisa Lam’s name reversed, Lam Elisa, is the name of a TB test kit. Right now, in LA’s skid row, where the Cecil Hotel is located, there is an outbreak of a virile strain of TB amongst the homeless. Don’t you think this is an eerie coincidence?

    1. Yes, that’s been brought up before! I don’t believe in coincidences at all, and could speak to the numerology behind the vibrations in her name, vs the TB test kit… I mean I feel like that’s a bit of a stretch, but if you’ve ever seen extensive numerology, it’s not out of the question.

      1. You wanted to hear another coincidence, in Calgary, where I live, we have a hotel, now closed, also called the Cecil. It too was a flop house in a very sketchy part of town that attracted the homeless and the addicts. It too have seen it’s share of bloodshed with a huge body count over the years. A photographer, who documented the homeless, once described the inside of the hotel as being dark and heavy. Pure evil. It was closed due to public pressure as more and more condos were built in the area. Otherwise the body count would’ve continue to rise. What is it with hotels that are named Cecil? Why are they such epicenters for evil?

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