The Murder of Elisa Lam … the unexpected. Psychic Reading



RIP Elisa Lam… 2013, only 21 years old, far too young to go…

This is such a fresh case!  As you all know, I’m used to looking at imprints of such old cases, but because the Cecil itself has become a pet project of mine, this holds special ground for me.  

I wanted to first get the externals out of the way, as I ask for information, it comes.  Was she followed from home to that hotel?  No.  Did she have any enemies?  Absolutely not, very sweet, very smart, wonderful yet shy girl.  Full of talent, and an entire future ahead of her… Did she make enemies with anyone at the hotel during the visit?  That comes through as a negative as well.  She kept to herself and tried to be smart and safe about her time in LA.  

Now looking at her mental/physical and emotional well being… I honestly see that in the past she had suffered from some bouts of depression, mainly caused by some feelings of isolation and loneliness, but I’m not seeing schitzophrenia (I’m sure that’s the first to be looked at for her), or bipolar, nothing like the obvious mental disorders that would cause bazaar behavior, or lead to a sudden suicide.  Physically she was in good shape, other than some simple minor issues, problems with her lower back, kidney region… nothing that would cause anything like that.  She did suffer from headaches quite a bit, but she always pressured herself, and I really feel like those were stress headaches more than anything.  There was an issue in her back left calf, but could have been something as simple as an old running injury… nothing effecting this.   Emotionally she was sound, at the time.  

Oddly enough, I’m seeing a small amount of confusion leading up to checking into the hotel… some transportation issues, all minor, but all happened in route to this destination.  Some may use those as signs, and rethink the visit, but others aren’t that aware of what th Universe will tell them.  

Ultimately her visit to LA started to get strange Day 3 of her being there, when the nightmares and night terrors began.  by the next day they were seeping into her waking hours……some may say hallucinations, shadow figures, that type of thing… every present, following, watching, listening.  It didn’t take more than two days before they were talking to her, communicating with her, saying horrible things… psychologists may try to explain this away as a mental break… or that they are acute symptoms of paranoid schitzophrenia, even though that’s not something that she was ever close to having, no family history, nothing there to suggest it.

In a moment I will analyze the video footage from the elevator from a paranormal psychic phenomena perspective… but first, just know this… what may appear to be a suicide here, was a possession or oppression of some sort.  There are many things that bother me about this case.  And I will run through those later.  There are no signs of trauma on her body, and the autopsy has verified this information.  There will not be anything coming back through in the toxicology screen either.  This is not something that is normal or even explainable, by rational thought.  This girl CLEARLY was running from something only she could see, only she could hear.  Do I think whatever this was, was attached to the hotel?  Yeah, I do.  That’s my experience from being there…feeling what’s there, and knowing that things are not as they seem, much of the time there.  

Elisa Lam would be considered literally INSANE by her final day alive.  She was driven insane by the very same forces (evil, demonic, or just negative entities, as I choose to classify them all as) that have driven people to do insane things, unexplainable things, require exorcisms, or just plain go crazy, as she did.

Once again, no substances, no trauma.  I do not see that she was killed ahead of time, before hitting the water.  I do see that she was coerced in.  Whether that be by someone “ALIVE” or someone from the other side, the coercer was playing on the same team as what she was running from.  NOW… interestingly enough, here is something to consider.  I see something stuck NOT IN HER THROAT, but it’s in her windpipe, it’s a piece of paper or something similar that she stuffed in her mouth before going in, or was put there, but I believe while possibly gasping for air, sucked it all the way down.  It’s lodged in her windpipe, past her epiglottis, and if unfolded or uncrumpled, appears to have something written on it.  If this has pertinent information on the case, then great.  I’m not saying it does.  Much of her final hours were spent doing off the wall things that will not make sense to many of us anyway.  That could be just one of those things.

A couple things that really bother me about this… having been on that rooftop, I can tell you there is no elevator stop off on the roof, no public roof access, there is a door that is basically deadbolted, leading to some very creepy stairs, that lead to another door that has roof access.  The second door with roof access is chained and pad locked.  We couldn’t even just have the janitor come up to unlock it, we had to have the hotel manager come and unlock it just for the production. THERE IS NO PUBLIC ACCESS TO THIS ROOF.  This roof specifically has an insane amount of suicides off the top of it, and in other ways (yep, I said it).  They had to lock it away from the general public because of this.   How she gained access, I would love to know.  Because I truly do not feel management let her up there, and neither did any staff.  

Point of interest:  There has been MUCH paranormal activity reported behind the front desk, in the side and back, where the keys are kept.  Just a thought to throw out there.

NOW……. the OTHER part that really bothers me… there are two hotel elevators in the lobby.  The lobby elevators are within eyeshot of the front desk at all times.  She was at the lobby level because that’s the only level that has the marble floor, that you can clearly see in the security surveillance video:

It appears to me that she is actually in the left elevator of the two… which is the same elevator the team and I took up to Ramirez’s room.  I can tell you at the time, it made some strange noises, and it didn’t feel too steady… lol… it’s an old elevator.  I worried about riding in it, of course.  But the doors definitely closed for us, and QUICKLY… both elevators, you hit the button and there really isn’t time for someone to slide in.  The doors close QUICKLY… but I guess not for her!!  The doors never closed for her, and she was extremely aware of it.  VERY.   I also say this, because i’m almost positive that it will be brought up that maybe someone blocked the elevator in order to force her to take the stairs.  Not possible, as it would have been obvious to the front desk staff, and secondly, there was a second elevator right there to take.  Ok, now for the analysis…

Right off the bat, within the first couple seconds, she walks in confidently, and then turns, with her finger, bends down to push the button obviously like she has an audience.  At this point she is still conscious, but I don’t feel she’s in complete control, and honestly she feels like she’s already gone crazy.  She does get awfully close to the numbers on the buttons, but she wasn’t wearing her glasses either. I’m not liking her posture her first time through, pushing the buttons.  ALSO, note that in the beginning of the video you can clearly see the doors finish opening… meaning the doors weren’t stuck open because of a service issue.  Not in the slightest.

Another odd thing… now I don’t remember and can’t clearly see if there are 2 rows or 3 rows of floor number buttons, but if I remember there are 2.  The lobby is at the bottom with the top floors at the top… she goes straight through ALWAYS STARTING AT THE TOP… pushing 4 buttons straight down, and always on that row.  Ritualistically, as you will see.  ODDLY, people don’t usually start at the top, if they are going to take a tour of the building, they will hit the floors the want to see ON THE WAY UP.  She starts at the top, hits four buttons straight down, which would entail that the elevator would stop on EVERY OTHER FLOOR… Some may say OCD and psychotic break, others may even say she was in a panic trying to just get to any floor she could, because of someone following her., but I see ritualistic behavior, and it’s a show, for an audience.

She attempts to hit the “close door” button, backs up, and then doesn’t look surprised when it fails to close, although it looks like it attempts to.  Almost as if someone reached out and put their hand on the side of the door to keep it from closing, and buy time to get in.

Her reaction to it is amazing… she knows EXACTLY what she’s looking for, outside that door, and even almost plays a bit of a game with it.  These entities have been with her long enough that she already feels crazy and just doesn’t even hide it from herself.  It is interesting that she’s dodging out looking outside the elevator, to the right … full lobby side,  for something low to the ground.

I also find it interesting at the 27 second mark that she’s still looking lower to the ground with NO expression on her face as she dodges back into the corner of the elevator.  She clearly knows they are playing with her.  Yet her mood changes when she allows herself to explore outside the elevator twice more, as if they’ve disappeared and she can’t find them.  This, in my honest opinion, is paranormal hide and go seek.

1 minute 26 seconds of those doors not closing, with all four of those buttons being pushed.  Wow.

It’s been brought to my attention that during this timeframe, her eyes turn black, fully black. Going frame by frame, with absolutely crappy video quality, what I’m seeing is that this can be accounted for with pixelation.  Her hands also appear distorted to some, also crappy video quality, appears that portion can be explained away as well.  Her gestures when coming back into the elevator show me that she has come fully back in control, and literally feels she is losing her mind.  

1 minute 49 seconds… she no longer appears to have feminine behavior and stature, just for a moment… also classic oppression/possession characteristic… it’s fleeting, like usual.

At that point she begins a conversation with them, still looking down, lower than herself, but this time with expression on her face that she has not shown.  Her hand gestures are completely unexplainable, she’s communicating with whatever is after her…

She leaves and turns to the direction of the basement entrance… I am very familiar with what is in that basement, and this fact alone raises questions for me.

There is quite a bit of shadow play and non pixelated anomolies that do need further analysis, before posting, but will at a later time.

Here is a link to the 4 minute video, that clearly shows that the elavator doors have no problem open and closing once she leaves, in fact they do it three times after she leaves.  Interesting, me thinks!  🙂






97 thoughts on “The Murder of Elisa Lam … the unexpected. Psychic Reading

  1. You can clearly see a hand move near the bottom of the elevator when she walks out of the frame. It is quick but the killer was standing right outside the elevator at that moment.

    1. I went thru frame by frame. Judging by your user ID what’s the time stamp please? She leaves frame a few times. And once again that elevator is right by the front desk of a hotel that sells out every night… There are constantly people in that lobby.

      1. At 2:27 you can see the hand move from the elevator. And if there were constantly people in the hallway why does no one know where she went? It’s obvious her killer was right outside of the elevator.

      1. It could be. And time stamp is 2:28-29. It’s obvious she is conversing with someone outside of the elevator. I don’t really buy being “possessed” or killed by some supernatural entity. It had to have been an employee or a frequent customer who knows his way around.

      2. Dave, what puzzles me about this is that her behavior isn’t really consistent with that of a young woman being chased or harassed by someone in the hall. If she were scared of some person, her movements would be rapid. She could scream for help. She could run. She could hit the alarm button. And there might be someone in the hallway, but we can’t see that. No one passes by on camera.. It looks more like she is delusional, not in her right mind. If she has no history of mental illness, I would suspect some powerful drug. But that should be reflected in the toxicology report when it is released.

        I too suspect someone on the staff there is involved in this. that would explain how she ended up in the water tank (maybe that person slipped her the drug without her knowledge).

        And I’m skeptical about ghosts or malignant spirits, but I wouldn’t rule it out. It’s possible that Ms. Damali can sense things we can’t… It does seem to me that Elisa Lam was talking to someone or something that isn’t there, and doing so in a very strange way–with the hand gestures and the counting (from about 2:01 to 2:22). And if there are evil spirits in the world, the Cecil Hotel is one place one might expect to find them.

        Anyway, I find this case fascinating, puzzling, creepy and sad all at once. And I’m glad its getting attention from Ms. Damali and others. Something awful happened to this girl, so I hope someone figures out what it was.

    2. I can see a move of something near the bottom of the elevator too, but I think its more like a feet than a hand and it seems that Elisa tried to avoid it when she turned away.

  2. Hi, Chelsea: Thanks for the reading. It does sounds reasonable and I feel the same way that she is not herself on the video . Only question I have it She pushed all the buttons in the middle. Which are 14, 10, 7, 4, L, B. But 14 never lighted up. From that I assume she is on 14th floor. But her room is on 4th floor. You have been to Cecil Hotel before. Do you remember what was on 14th floor? R you sure she is on the lobby level ?

    1. Hi! Was sure in the beginning that she was on the lobby floor because of the marble floor, as it was only on the lobby level when we were there, but renovations are still in the process. 🙂 I agree with the notion she could have been on a different floor. I’m assuming that the hotel would have that knowledge of what floor she got in on, and I still do find it disturbing that the elevator did take the trip she had planned (all the floors she hit) after. You can see her try over and over again to get the doors to close, by hitting the button to make them close, after every pass of pushing the buttons. I don’t remember specifically what was on the 14th floor, but can tell you the 14th is really the 13th floor (just threw that in for creep factor)… but no really, there is no floor thirteen, as it’s traditional for hotels not to have them. Interesting points made though!

      1. I read an article that Elisa’s friend posted a postcard online on Feb 7th that she received from Elisa . The purpose of the posting at that time is to providing info to help finding her.
        I post this link here. Its Chinese website. But the partial copy of the card is in the article. Can you tell if its really written by Elisa and if it means anything ” It is creeping me”, ” pilgrimage”, “Ryan Gosling” ect. thanks

      2. In all honesty it is thoroughly freaking me out, yes, it does feel like the energy from the writing matches her signature, but I really want to know what the rest of it says. Please post if you find the whole thing??

      3. there is another posting saying there is a blog looks like by elisa . saying she is 21 years old Canadian , she is going to California ect.. the last post is on 1/29 . the girl on the blog saying she was depressed , she likes a guy who seems not interested in her. that’s the post in early jan . on jan 27 , she was saying , hope those Italians and Mexicans don’t follow her all the time, there is a pic on the link. can u tell if she is elisa? also on the blog, she mentioned she like the game Left 4 dead. I believe the game is about looking for survival from the roof of an apartment building via water tunnels. please check out the picture and let me know if u think she is elisa or not.

      4. I see much of what is posted there, in my reading as well…. but her tox screen will show nothing. I’m not sure about the game that you mentioned but still could have been an opportunistic behavior for an oppression to use. Not sure if that makes sense, if not, I will try to explain next. Anyway, yeah, I believe she went south for a guy…. she was off and on depressed as mentioned in my reading before from loneliness, so that matches. The bipolar and even BPD symptoms didn’t start until day three she was there, as I’m sure will come out as timelines come together.

        I MUST DISAGREE EMPHATICALLY with number 3 at the bottom of that post. I do not see anything in her that suggests she was desperate to make friends. She was a popular girl, even while being a quiet girl. She was smart. She didn’t club dangerously. Everyone needs to remember, this was a VERY SMART, VERY BRIGHT girl that we are talking about here. High risk behavior out the window, and bipolar before she got there, out the window… but yes, that blog definitely posts the obvious questions that have gone through everyone’s mind.

      5. Please read her ” hypomania part II” . She cant sleep, she is hearing voices ” You either get it down on paper or you go crazy” . Chelsea, I don’t know how you read people or cases. Your reading seems fit into the blog perfectly . The whole thing really freak me out. I cant imagine if she stuck the paper into her mouth and dive into the tank… too creepy..

        Look at the subtitle of the blog ” You are always haunted by the idea you are wasting of your time..” creeepy

  3. The floor in the elevator pic looks different (albeit similar) to the lobby flooring.

    The lobby flooring is light colored but has tiny black squares (just like in the video footage).

    But the black squares seem to be much further apart in the actual
    lobby area, compared to the elevator footage.

    1. Agreed!! Part of my amendment coming up. That part of the blog was last minute discovered at 4 am… My bad. The more publicized vid doesn’t even show the doors closing so I found that one. Thanks for pointing it out!!

  4. I have a few problems with you saying Elisa was at the lobby level in the video:
    1.) As Elisa enters she presses floor 14 which does not light up; therefore, we can assume she was on floor 14. ( Shows Cecil hotel’s elevator buttons.
    2.) If she was on the lobby level, where are the other people? Should there not be people trying to get on the elevator, waiting, or even passing by? There is not on the video.
    3. If you view this video [] at the 1:25 mark, the floor does not match with the Elisa Lam video. The floor may be the same material, but the design does not jive.

    Considering these things, how do we reconcile your assertion that: “She was at the lobby level because that’s the only level that has the marble floor, that you can clearly see in the security surveillance video”

    I ask this honestly with no ill intent.


    1. Hi… Yes I will change that and noticed after I posted. When I was at the hotel in July 2012 they were still renovating. The majority of that blog post was written earlier and only came across the four minute bus showing all of the other floors right before I posted…which if u look at the time was 4am… I was too tired to amend the post but will do that today. And will pay special attention to the buttons as well. THANKYOU!!

  5. You can get to the rooftop from the fire stairs on the outside of the building. She or an attacker might of had access to those fire stairs from their hotel rooms.

    1. Just FYI… not sure where you are looking, but since they had to close off the rooftop access from the public to avoid suicides, people started jumping off the fire escapes. So if they had access to the roof, I think they would have climbed them and gotten to them. Seriously that is the TOTAL reason they shut down access to the roof, the suicide factor. The 70’s were really bad for it. I don’t see an attacker dragging her up a fire escape either, even Unterweger bribed his hookers to climb up the fire escapes himself, by offering $30 . Never dragged a victim in.

      1. They sound foreign and likely tourists, maybe enjoying their first independence day… maybe management made an exception? Maybe even management was up there with them? What I’m telling you is that it was chained shut, we were told what we were told, and the door to even get to the stairway up was deadbolted. Simple, I can only tell you what I experienced, and what I was told.

    2. AH! I see the picture now. I’m only explaining to you what the management and other employees we spoke with told us. I personally am scared sh**less of heights, so I can tell you right now I did NOT look over that edge to see or test it… I had no reason not to believe them. But good point! I just don’t see someone dragging her up through that on the front of the building, without her screaming, or someone falling, and “dead weight” or unconscious weight would be even more difficult. But I welcome any logical explanations we can discuss!! That’s what I do… I debunk… I would rather have things logically explained away. Trust me. The beginning of this blog I thought I was going to be looking at a full on murder, with a killer residing there. Just …. not what I saw.

  6. Do you think someone on the Hotel management/staff/security is involved with allowing her to go to the rooftop? and is involved in her death somehow? People are saying the water tanks are 10-12ft high, and you have to use a ladder to even get on top of them, or use a ladder to get on top of the roof of the building that’s behind the water tanks. A ladder isn’t readily available on the roof to use, and only a hotel staff/maintenance person would have one, so it’s all very strange. This is one of the weirdest death’s I’ve heard about.

    1. It is strange, isn’t it? In a hotel with that much history of strange phenomena and a strong paranormal documentation with MANY MANY eyewitnesses, and accounts… I do find it strange. I do NOT feel she was alone. Now whether that be someone alive, or someone from the other side, the presence is still there with her to the end. I mentioned in the blog that she was coerced into her own suicide, which to me is the same as murder, although this time we won’t have justice. I stand by that. She didn’t go all the way to the Cecil hotel from Vancouver, to be tortured, go crazy, and end up dead. And I think you will agree, that she easily could have been killed and left in any other area up there, or if it was an anger move from another person, she would likely be thrown off the roof and it made to look like a suicide. In the paranormal, WEIRD things happen… stuff that will never make sense to us. But I can tell you, WATER is considered a portal to the other side, and always has been. There is more paranormal activity around water than where there isn’t water… just how it is. Interesting that she ended up in water, though, don’t you think? And she’s not the first at that hotel to die via water either. Not even close. There appears to be NO run of the mill garden variety crimes that occur there. There are incredibly horrible, vile crimes, but always with a twist of just sheer bazaar energy or bazaar events leading up to it, or surrounding it. Nothing is boring at the Cecil, not even death.

  7. I read that she died under the sign of Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18) which is interestingly the water bearer/carrier. Another coincidence is her name backwards: LAM ELISA, which is the name of a tuberculosis test and oddly enough there is a tuberculosis outbreak on Skid Row, just a few blocks from the Cecil Hotel, amongst the homeless which has been all over the news as of late.

    1. Yes, all those are coincidences, but do coincidences exist? I think not. I’ve been doing this way too long… so bear with me, the word coincidence doesn’t have meaning to me, because if you look, no matter what, there are patterns in the chaos, there are strange happenings everywhere. Just at the Cecil, the strange things are a bit stranger… and things are a bit more obvious. It’s a cesspool of negativity, no matter how you cut it. 🙂 Thanks for the comments!

  8. She’s wearing a red hoody like little red riding hood!
    Which attracted big bad wolf…..

    I do heard that she’s of Chinese descent, right?
    In Chinese, it’s ominous to die wearing red clothes….. 😦

      1. could you please elaborate on that, the reason im asking is because my suspicion was and is that is a case of oppression/possession. due to circumstances in my life i am a firm believer in this hypothesis and i have my own story to tell. [it is unwise for people of a specific character to advertise their sensibility social traits coming and goings on social media and travel alone.] we will see a drastic increase in the amount of “accidental suicides” (that are not!) unless awareness is raised. this case and more like it wont be resolved.

  9. Also, as the same reason western people don’t have floor 13, Chinese don’t have floor “4”, because the pronunciation is similar to “death” in Chinese ( actually also in Japanese. ) and number one is similar to “you”, therefore, “14” can be reffered to ” you die.”
    Anyway, anything with number “4” in it is not considered a very good thing in Chinese, no matter how supernatural it sounds, these things do effect people greatly.
    I’m not saying it has anything to do with the case though, just brought that up because I saw a comment about the 13th floor.

    1. Well every thought has a vibration, an energy to it, and if that’s the energy that is put with that thought, then it makes sense. Superstition is a powerful thing! And if an entire society of people have the same belief system, then it will empower it to BE. Makes total sense about the 4 to me.

      1. Very interesting viewpoint of what you saw Chelsea. I’m always a fan of logic and critical thinking, but I don’t resist ideas that demonstrates itself time and time. Many people saw the video and got freaked out. My friend saw it and had nightmares. As a Buddhist and having certain experiences of people who crossed what mortal realms can’t explain, I know smarter to not even watch the video. On a Chinese forum some guy did a “fortune-telling” becuz he was curious of elisa’s fate and results he got were creepy. Something like “what occurred still stayed there”, and “one can be blinded/cannot see what occurred”. Coupled with your views, I see its not no accident with all these “coincidences”. Also, given the hotel’s history and Elisa’s mental condition, she was in a vulnerable state already. Something my mom taught was, when a person is at his/her weak state, they are most prone to attacks. I’d thought the nee years would’ve brought te much needed good luck she needed, so I was surprised this occurred. Finally, I believe something attached to her since Vancouver to lead her thru all this for this eventuality. The sudden trip and how it gradually end her to this hotel showed something was luring here there. Chelsea I do wonder, if she could’ve survived if she had gotten out of the hotel, and if she’s thought about it before. Regardless, RIP

  10. THank you for your interesting insights, Chelsea. Did you notice how, after she first enters the lift and presses the buttons, her hands flop somewhat unnaturally after she drops her arms to her sides? I don’t know if this is a result of old video tape or what but it looks so strange.

    1. I did notice that yes, then going through frame by frame, it is able to be explained away with the shotty quality of the recording… But honestly there are roughly 30 anomolies in just that video alone that I didn’t mention in the blog that we are still analyzing and I will log those on here soon. 🙂

  11. this is her last post on jan 29

    “have arrived in Laland…

    and there is a monstrosity of a building next to the place I’m staying
    when I say monstrosity mind you I’m saying as in gaudy

    but then again it was built in 1928 hence the art deco theme so yes it IS classy but then since it’s LA it went on crack

    Fairly certain this is where Baz Lurhmann needs to film the Great Gatsby”

    the days before

    “Today I slept, took a long hot shower, stuffed myself silly with a $3 dinner. It has been most productive and enjoyable.

    I seriously have done nothing in San Diego that is out of the my normal routine at home.


    After all, I like my home comforts and every now and then I do something entirely impulsive and reckless like tell a guy I just met I like him…….

    I do like people watching at the hostel.

    Now that I’m rested and well, starting tomorrow I should venture outside more.

    1. Seaworld

    2. The Zoo

    3. Museum because it’s free!!!!

    4. Whale watching at Coronado/Point Loma ”

    Then the posting before that

    Planning for the West Coast tour…

    Sigh turns out I won’t be making as many stops as I’d like

    Vancouver, San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz and San Francisco

    I really want to stop by San Luis Obispo but alas…we’ll see

    Suggestions and meet-ups still highly appreciated

    The time frame of the posting and the location is very similer with Elisa’s . also she metioned at post earlier that she got lost in airport and missed connection flight. that’s the same from your reading…..

    Left 4 dead is a video game , she mentioned both her and the guy she loves like that game per the Chinese news I translated. You can wiki that game….

    1. Wow, thank you for continuing to post what u find. I think people really thought she was meek, weak even…super vulnerable. This last find of yours really speaks to her mindset before checking in… And not only that, but to her character. Appreciated!! Keep up the posts!!

    1. I am not sure how formspring works. Not sure how u know this is hers? I mean from a psychic standpoint I say it is… But should be verified so it can be used by others to really speak about her mindset and wonderful personality. Amazing find!! Thankyou!! I encourage everyone to read this to learn about how she lived and change the focus just for a few minutes, instead of how she died. 🙂

      1. Also, the death scene was watched by at least one. There has to be something near by. I sense she got noticed and followed but not far.

      2. Agreed, The majority of crime scenes are inadvertently witnessed, yes……..whether or not that person steps forward, is another story. Sad but true, that hotel is riddled with people that don’t want to be noticed themselves, by police, let alone voluntarily talk to them.

      3. The elevator. I see two on each side of the elevator door. Did she get accused of theft and searched with the accusers out of view? The last event…she didn’t have epilepsy?

      4. I do not feel she was accused and searched. That’s my psychic opinion…that’s not something that would get done at that hotel anyway, considering the majority of people that actually reside there, would be generalized into a lump group that would be under suspicion at all times… not a viable option to have that happen at this particular hotel. And for epilepsy and narcolepsy questions that have been posted… I do have someone in my family with epilepsy so I grew up being able to pick up on that energy very well, in fact almost hypersensitive to it, and I don’t feel epilepsy or narcolepsy in this case either.

      5. It’s so very true, and I hoped more people would read her posts. Just a free spirit, independent woman, with a great sense of humor and a wonderful outlook on life. Had the whole world in her hands, wouldn’t you agree?

    1. When experiencing strong emotion, narcolepsy will kick in. She even bended the knees… I still think one of the perpretators had a view of the roof. Coincidentally, narcolepsy will drive you deep into depression for years and goes undiagnosed for years.

      1. At this point who is to say who may have some surveillance besides the elevator… or is that even footage from the hotel itself or did someone else plant a camera in there? And since this is a vortex for negative energy, who is to say there are not more long term guests there who are being used as parasites to perhaps instigate a mystery such as this.

      2. Exactly… to all!!! The surveillance that is in the hotel is likely pretty substandard, at least it was at the time I was there in July 2012, but we will see! If there was extra footage, the police will have it, and I truly believe if that footage (if in existence) has been gone over, and there would not be any question…

      3. Agreed, I do have personal experience, not myself but a close friend, with narcolepsy, and an immediate family member with epilepsy. Both have made me hypersensitive to that energy, and it’s not something I pick up on here, nor was long range depression… but I understand what you’re saying completely, and it’s a viable option… however far fetched to me, if thats what is presumed occurred on the roof, when falling into the water tank. I’m assuming you mean in the elevator?

  12. Hi there! Am wondering if you are able to expand on this comment of yours above:

    “And she’s not the first at that hotel to die via water either. Not even close.”


    1. Hello! 🙂 Yes, happy to, but not in detail, as the research that has been done is for a future documentary. There appears to be a bit of a water connection, there have been multiple drownings (yeah, I know… bathtub style), choking on liquid, strange incidents in showers, and there is another couple deaths in the basement alone, one in a shower area, and another in the boiler room, that are also extremely suspicious, involving water. I first found the water connection while conducting an EVP session for our show, in the shower area for employees in the basement of the hotel. And, it’s kindof stayed with me ever since.

  13. Thank you so much for the reply! Very interesting, but scary.

    Have you seen the following? Link provided below the snipped text. From the sound of it, this person’s dad’s experience at the Cecil seems to fit with what you have sensed as well.

    “Which leads right into my dad’s haunted hotel experience. Every time he told the story, I could feel the fear come off of him in waves, even after so much time had passed. He claims he went to sleep that night in his room, only to awaken to the feeling that he was being choked. He was bathed in a cold sweat and couldn’t move or call for help. He literally thought he was going to die in that room. Finally, the feeling left him. He bolted out of the room and went downstairs to the hotel clerk on overnight duty. After he gasped for breath, he told the clerk what had happened. The clerk said that in fact someone had been murdered in that room. I believe Dad was able to get his room changed, as he made it clear he would never sleep another moment in that room.”

    1. Wow, yeah, that specific quote I had not seen, but can tell you there are many rooms like that. Specifically it sounds like they booked him into Unterweger’s room, the same one you saw me dart out of, in the Ghost’s of Skid Row episode. There are many many people that have experienced the same thing in the Cecil.

  14. In the vidio clip at 1:08, her right arm was relax in sudden as if she was unconscious for a second, she then began acting crazy. I’m not sure if that’s the moment she was possessed.

    1. She had been fighting oppression since day three of her stay. And had been taken over a number of times, before her final day. But yes, I saw a couple times in the elevator footage where it was quite obvious to me, when she would go in and out of full consciousness.

    1. He ML, wow, I don’t know what to say about zombie state… that would entail she was already DEAD, and possession can’t even do that. Interesting photos, on that link, yes… however, most are ‘perfect timing’ shots, as is the first one you pointed out. She was actually originally looking to what is our right, her left, facing that direction full body, and then is in the process of turning to walk into the elevator. She leads with her left foot. We’ve all been caught doing that on a sudden turn, at one point or another without something being wrong… so with that being said, I am NOT shooting down what you are saying at all!! Just be careful when you look at sites that have screenshots or photos like that. She was certainly in and out of full consciousness during that frame, so that part I do agree with. The body language though, was fluid motion, just articulated in a different way than we are used to paying attention to. That photo calls attention to it. 🙂

    2. Also, let me just add this… many people have speculated that she is frantically running from someone outside the elevator, she’s peaking out, frantically pushing buttons… looking to the right….I do have to remind people that for this woman to enter the elevator area, she would be cornered, and was. The location of the elevators would give her no outlet… her behavior is not consistent with what people speculate, a woman running from a stalking murderer, about to slay her, it’s actually not even of true physical fear. She’s afraid, yes, but she’s afraid of what is coming from the inside and the fact that she feels she is going crazy and losing control. That’s something ANY of us would be afraid of……. but NO woman, as smart as she was, would corner herself in an area like that, when someone is following her or chasing her. And a RATIONAL woman, would have tried the next elevator over, when it became obvious that the elevator wasn’t going to work. After all, she wanted to use the elevator, initially. THAT is her primary focus for BEING in the elevator… to use it. There is a second elevator just out of frame, just feet away. See what I mean?

  15. Hi Chelsea, my question is “Why her?” She’s not the only guest at the hotel, so why was she preyed upon. Was it to be her fate to end up there? It just seem like the trip was a spur-of-the moment thing. She has friends and family, I’m sure had she asked, someone would’ve went with her, right? So Chelsea, could Elisa have been drawn to the hotel without her knowledge? Even from as far away as Vancouver? How do you explain the salmon being drawn to their spawning ground eventually to its death. Cosmic forces? And, again, why her? Being a flop house in skidrow, there must’ve plenty of easier targets?

    1. I do believe everything happens for a reason, and for whatever that reason is, we won’t know until it plays into whatever this master plan was. It’s part of an elaborate puzzle piece, and it was meant to set certain people’s lives in certain directions, nobody will understand why it was her time, or why it happened to her, until a later time. Yes, agreed, many more targets there, some easier, some harder. But it was a perfect storm, and she checked into a room that had history similar to a trauma she had endured, and that left her open for attack.

      Her name, the hotel’s reputation, timing, “coincidences”, the TB outbreak across the street, the illuminati symbolism, all of it could come together to one day show us. But do I know why it was her time? I do not. Why she was meant to die there? I don’t know. I think honestly when it’s our time, we can’t cheat death, no matter how hard we try… and it’s always a domino effect that truly does push other people’s lives in the direction they need to go, in order to learn the lessons they need to learn on this path.

      I am delighted to see so many respond to my blog with the intentions of asking their own questions, the right questions, and thinking outside the box! It’s what I do, everyday, and who I am. For this, you will have to ask your own questions about really seeing FORWARD and trying to envision how others lives will be effected. No life is without purpose, no death is without purpose.

  16. I have a question, apologies if asked before or the answer is somewhere.

    Was it officially confirmed by the LAPD that when discovered, Elisa was in fact, naked?. Whilst a possibility (but do not want it to be), that it was a suicide, how is it that she took off her clothes before jumping in?……unless, the perp or person witnessing did it for her?.

    Chelsea, do you have a vision of seeing her do the actual jump?. No disrespect intended. Just think out loud.

    I truly truly hope the entire investigation will lead to justice for Elisa. It was the very wrong way to take away a life like that….heartbreaking…

    1. Hi! No, no worries at all, happy to answer questions. I don’t know if it was confirmed whether or not she was naked, I believe she was…yes. I honestly get a combination of seeing things through her eyes, and seeing things from an outside perspective…with this it’s almost impossible to just focus in and clearly watch it like a movie. I get pieces, and then have to piece them together… and other impressions come through symbolic, so with those it’s like playing “psychic charades”.

      Her mindset was completely off, and literally with her it was almost like being in and out of consciousness. Picture drinking black outs, only alot of them, I don’t think she knew how she got on the roof at all, and she acted irrationally the entire last day. I think I mentioned that she did many things that nobody will understand, because she wasn’t in her right mind. HOW her clothes were removed, I did not see, and still cannot see. I completely agree with you, this entire thing is heartbreaking, and I don’t want what I’m writing to be correct, I hope I’m wrong on this one. I’m sure you understand, it’s my job, what I’ve been doing for 2 decades professionally, and after visiting the Cecil before, I felt compelled to tell people that something has to happen there, to prevent these things from happening. It won’t stop until something happens. I hope people can be warned not to go there. There is a century of strange deaths, deaths that make no sense, and crazy deaths there, it’s an extremely active location, and anyone even slightly open to the other side, can fall victim very easily.

  17. Hi Chelsea,
    Is it possible why the bad spirits were drawn into her because she has a high vibration? Judging from the display of her independent thinking on her blogposts, I would think that this is the case. I read somewhere that people who have higher vibrations tend to attract more negative energies. In other words, she was overwhelmed by the lower vibratory beings.

    Somehow, I feel really compelled to visit the Cecil hotel myself to find out the truth =/

    1. Yes…people that operate at a higher vibration do attract more entities… But they attract both good and bad… It’s not limited to the evil. I do think that yes, that worked like a beacon so yes that’s part of what attracted them to her, but their were weaknesses in her protection and “shield” that allowed them to actually take her over. It’s just like what they teach you in church… Weaknesses caused by trauma, or addictions, or even dabbling in the occult aren’t what causes this…its that unless you are protected during and after these events, it will leave you vulnerable for attack. She likely attracted many many positive entities in her life…but the very nature of the Cecil and the negative and evil that resides there, that’s what she was open to at the time.

      1. Ah thanks for clarifying. Yea the nature of the Cecil sure is creepy. I’m still really curious to know why she decided to stay there out of all the places she could’ve stayed at. I hope we find out soon.

    2. If you feel drawn to the Cecil, something else is doing that to you. Trust me when I tell you I am highly doubtful that anyone that resides there is drawn there. A place like this should repel you, and that statement concerns me. Please try to resist this.

      1. Yea I don’t know what it is that’s doing it to me but I guess I’m naturally a curious person. If I were to go though, I would go with my sister whom is also interested in the case. So you said you will pay the Cecil a visit in April?

      2. Yes, it’s not for personal though, it’s for professional, we’re filming a documentary about the Cecil, and some of the other things that have happened there, it’s history, etc. My hope is that this case will be finalized so that we can include it as well.

  18. Has anyone else noticed the amount of time it takes to close the door? After she steps out of the frame for good, it takes like 30 seconds ish for the door to close. I understand she was pressing the door close button (maybe a malfunction, the hotel is old) but she is never in the elevator for more than 30 seconds, in fact much shorter time is spent in the elevator. And everytime she has maybe 10 seconds left to wait to make it to that 30 seconds, she pops her head out, or even walks out of the elevator stopping the potential closing of the door.

    1. Yes, pretty amazing. Oddly the card key… at least when I was there months before her, they were using regular keys, NOT card keys… that with so many other strange things about this report….

  19. So I just heard about this whole…. incident, for lack of a better term and I feel drawn to it. It fascinates me in a way I don’t really understand. I’ve spent the 5 hours or so digging deeper and deeper into the story and now I’m to the point that I just want to go stay at that damned hotel, just to see it, explore it, understand it….

    1. I should add that yes, I’ve read the autopsy. I find it very peculiar myself. They list the cause of death as accidental due to drowning, yet nothing in the report actually indicates drowning, just a body that’s been in water for a period of time… the lack of blood, liquid or otherwise was peculiar as well. The tox screening finding trace amounts (which would be acceptable after such a period of decomp in my mind) of her normally prescribed meds throws the possibility of a “relapse” out the window. It’s a peculiar story. Add to that the fact that the video of the elevator does appear to be edited (who tried to hide the timestamp, why? Why is there a section of footage cut out? Why is it played at such a slow speed?) And the sleep I already find so elusive becomes nigh impossible.

  20. The red purse you felt, relates to the movie Dark Water. My two cents, was not a “human” leading her. She was in a turmoil, and it was caused for her mental state and also for negative spiritual forces. She was alive when she entered the tank. She did it but was coerced to do it. It was not as she looked for it intentionally. But it was not an accident either. She was somehow forced to go into. My heart goes to her family. Very sad case.

  21. I know I’m a little late in the game here, but you mentioned paper in her throat, was that ever found?? If so what did it say? Perhaps in your reading and investigation you maybe deciphered the message?

  22. I’ve seen demon influence in people! You would be very surprise how their body language can change! When I saw her had movements like she was having a conversation! I truly believe that some wicked spirit was moving around! It’s creepy but true! Many nit believe but truly believe she open a portal and that when the evil spirit took control! I read a book about a women who threw herself down the stairs not by her own force but an evil spirit!

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