Updates on Cecil Hotel/ Elisa Lam Reading, with announcements

Hello everyone, just a quick update for many of you, as requested.  🙂   I’m sure I mentioned before that I continue to receive information throughout maybe even as long as a week after an initial reading, and there hasn’t been much to gain, beyond what I’ve already mentioned… some of it cryptic, but will mention it anyway.

First, let me just say, I am not 100 percent sure that she was at the lobby level, as the other levels have the marble floor in front of the elevators… therefore, lobby level should be considered regular speculation and please consider this a retraction.

We are still looking over the anomalies I mentioned before, from the elevator footage, that could not be explained away with the video quality.  We hope to give you further information soon.

Now, a couple psychic hits not mentioned before… It would be pertinent to further investigate this, from the metaphysical side of things, to know which room she stayed in, and the history of that room.  I feel that something happened in that room decades ago that was imprinted in that room’s time and space, that was extremely similar to what happened to Elisa, therefore leaving that weakness or open door for the metaphysical and spiritual oppression that I firmly believe she experienced.  It’s pretty commonly known that usually a ‘weakness’ or even a ‘blindspot’ in a person’s overall identity, past, or essence, if you will, allows for these things to happen.  That has been really eating at me since the original reading, so I thought I would mention that as well.

The strange psychic hits that keep coming through, without any reason… I’m seeing a red suitcase, a brown paper bag with a charm or small trinket in it, still with the receipt, found in her room, meant to be a souvenir for a younger girl in her life.  I’m also seeing chocolate, left over.  It’s also relevant that she became more reclusive as she stayed there, meaning day one she was pretty active, out and about, but by the time this all came about, she hardly ever left her room.  It felt almost like she wasn’t allowed to leave, but not being held captive.  I have no idea what THIS is, but it’s like a black button or something black and round that she used to wear as a charm on a small fine chain necklace.  For some reason she felt LUCKY the day before she either checked in or this happened.  It was the day before a significant event surrounding this… so those are the only two significant events.  I DO see someone did follow her a bit and showed interest, but not seeing they had anything to do with this… however this person could have been a problem if this didn’t happen in advance.  Not wonderful intentions, that I’m feeling there.  This person was dark hair, dark eyes, and appears to me of Italian decent or similar… and she did not feel safe in that area of town, no.  Some things did come up missing for her, but it was not related to this, either.  Missing could mean misplaced as well, considering the state of mind she was in by the time that final day she arrived.  More chocolate and more coffee… strange, almost like there were times she could have lived off of chocolate and coffee!

With all of that being said, I feel drawn to go back there.  to investigate more thoroughly.  This will be in conjunction with a documentary to be filmed specifically centered around the Cecil Hotel.  I will be attending in April, and will be able to verify what I’ve seen and confirm some other things as well.  So please feel free to send me any questions and concerns, or any requests of what you would like pictures of, and that type of thing.  Happy to list them and get as much as I can, for everybody that has interest in this extremely bazaar case.  We will have plenty of time to spend really looking at this case, as well as several others there.

31 thoughts on “Updates on Cecil Hotel/ Elisa Lam Reading, with announcements

  1. Thank you very much for the valuable readings. I am glad to know you r going back to cecil hotel in April. I hope u can sense more info at that time. When u go back , please take a close look at 14th floor to see why she could end up there or attracted her to that level. Also please check out roof. As I said , I watched the episode of your experience at basement level. Maybe you can experience some activities at roof as well. I am looking forward to the next episode of ghost encounter.

    1. I’m hoping they will allow us access to the roof specifically for this, as the investigation and scene should be taken care of and done by then. I have been on the roof, and it’s incredible as to how much residual is out there, so much imprinting, and you don’t always see that when you’re outside! I will make my best effort, and yes, will jot down the 14th floor now. Thank you!

  2. Hi Chelsea, hope you can find some answers to this bizarre case when you’re back at the Cecil. I do have a couple of questions for you to consider though. First, can you see if it’s possible to physically manipulate the elevator to keep its door open? For it not to close for that long a period of time is weird, right? Secondly, is there any co-relation with her name and the name of the TB test? Lastly, will you know if Elisa’s spirit is trapped at the Cecil? It seems like it’s a place that doesn’t like to let go of it’s victims. I’d hate to think that the poor girl might be stuck in that shithole for eternity, if you know what I mean.

    1. I completely agree that the family or someone should look into seeing whether her spirit is trapped there and if so, have a spirit guide to come help lead her out into the light. This is what I fear most. Poor girl didn’t deserve to die like this and seems like a good soul which needs to be guided back to the right side.

    2. Hi! I am happy to look into it all of your requests, most definitely! An electrician or maintenance person, or tech COULD TECHNICALLY make it so the elevator door stay open like that, but not sure if you saw the 4 minute version of the video. It closes on it’s own a few seconds after she leaves and takes the trip she requested. So the means I have seen would require more work to undo making the door stay open, and we don’t see that. It’s automatic.
      Now my personal experience with both the elevators, trying to cram cast and crew and equipment into either of them, the doors closed too quickly and it made it difficult… was always like we were kinda fighting the doors to get us all in there. So especially to me, the fact that the doors stayed open at all, especially for 3 full minutes, was amazing. And not in a good way.

      I will do some metaphysical research through proper channels to see if I can find a correlation with the names of the test and her name. No coincidences! Just have to find the link.

      And yes, with all the spirits and entities there, and there are soooo many, of course I will try to make contact with her if she is still there, and see what someone else, or myself, can do to help her move forward. It’s the right thing to do!

  3. I was wondering if you checked out The Stay at all while you were there? There is some belief that she may have actually been staying there due to one of her tweets about the building next door which described the Cecil. And I am wondering about the previous life of The Stay as it is still part of the building but just renovated. I wonder if anything specifically horrific happened in that area of the building that may have required the renovations. Again thank you for the good service. Also is there anything we can do with our intention to let all that imprinting go to the light?

    1. We did walk past it, and in fact, on the opening scene of all our shows with all four of us walking together, that was taken shot right in front of The Stay. However our sole focus was to shoot in three specific areas of the Cecil only, so we stuck with that. In fact, talking with staff, etc… I don’t think we even heard anything about that specific hotel. We did hear some things about another about 2 blocks down, that has a very paranormal reputation as well… but not The Stay. I will definitely look into it and touch on that a bit when I’m there, because I certainly don’t believe the vortex this hotel sits on is not just directly under this one building, but may be focused on just this one. I’ll take a look, for sure!

      As far as intention, I really don’t know that there is anything that could be done with the negativity and imprinting in that specific hotel. It’s not something that we can just go through like a house cleaning, sage it up, salt it down, say a prayer and yadda yadda. This is extremely raw, negative, and honestly, I feel like as long as the building is still standing, what is there, will continue to be there. It would take alot more than faith, prayer, intention, etc, to get rid of 100 years of the negative actions and happenings, that are back feeding whatever is below it. It’s a vicious circle. It would be great if there was something that could be done, yes.

  4. I am compiling some interesting information, and I wonder if you know who financed the building of the Cecil. I have been searching all over and I am not finding WHO had that building built. I have looked at the other notorious Cecil Hotels around the world and there is a strange connection to derelict activity and some sort of power struggle. I have a theory that these are purposeful vortex’s in which are used to feed on energy. The name Cecil means blind and sixth. Sixth sense stuff… if you are blind, use your 6th sense. Most of these buildings were built around the same time and they have connections to British government. Coincidentally the one located in London, which is no longer Hotel Cecil was bought out at one point by Shell Mex of Shell BP. I have a theory that those in the know who are trying to manipulate things on earth, by feeding off of fear are using these places to channel that energy. With the exception of the one in India, which is far more successful than any of the others, it was bought from the British by one of its workers, whose last name is Oberoi; which in India means “protector of humans and humanity.” and he was spoken of as a “master of refurbishing run down hotels.” He lived to be 103. I have a bunch more on each one of these hotels with the same name that connects itself to a larger story. And I think this may open our eyes to something far bigger and more spiritually activated than many people have been unwilling to face until now. Pretty exciting stuff!

    1. I agree. This is year of the Water Snake in our Chinese calendar and it appears that the evil higher forces are really starting to show it’s powers and presence leading up to this year. The theories on The Illuminati/NWO taking over seem to coincidentally coincide with a lot of events happening in the last few months (HAARP induced natural disasters, Pope’s resignation, the assassinations/sacrifices of celebrities, Corruption in LAPD/Dorner’s attempt to expose, False Flag mass shootings, the meteor in Russia).

      1. Yes, I don’t believe in coincidences, and everything has energy. Although that’s not something I personally have studied, I can say, the year of the Water Snake definitely coincides with thoughts of the shifting from darkness (which is happening now) into the light or enlightenment… and that cycle truly did start on 2012. It’s also something that coincides nicely with what Nostradamus predicted in many of his later quatrains. So yes, there is an overall feeling of dread right now that has been predicted across the board, and it all ties in together.

    2. Oh, wow, I do not. You are running into the same roadblocks that we ran into with ANY research associated with the Cecil. It was extremely difficult at best, to find information of any sort, really. It’s almost like a public relations sweep… (let me just say that is NOT an accusation, but just what it looks like) when a business is purchased, they make records of bad things that happened within the business, disappear. Well that’s what is going on here. It’s difficult! That’s not something I’ve come across, but can help you dig for that information if you would like. I do have a bit of a connection I can try.

      And yes, your information that you are compiling, is AMAZING!! Looking forward to hearing more. Feel free to email me as well on this.

      1. Still no luck for me finding the financier, architect or original owner of the LA Cecil… if your friend finds anything I would love to know to add to my research! Thanks

  5. Hi Chelsea, this is a Japanese blog discussing Elisa’s death, the author also believes she was possessed or at least a ghost had something to do with her death. Look at one of the pictures, it looks like a ghostly child’s face in the elevator, also in the first picture of Elisa in the elevator it looks like there is a shadow in front of her. What do you think of this?

    1. Yes, it’s good to see that others are witnessing what I’m seeing, but I went over that vid frame by frame… what she is seeing is actual poor video quality, old… but there are many more anomalies that are NOT caused by that, that we are still looking for an explanation, just in that first three minutes.

  6. For those looking for the origins of The Cecil Hotel, here’s one site that might be helpful..

    “The Cecil Hotel, as it is known today, was originally called The Hotel Cecil or simply The Cecil. The hotel was built in 1927 by hotelier William Banks Hanner at a cost of roughly one million dollars. Managed by William’s brother Paul, the Hotel Cecil was designed to lure in businessmen staying in Los Angeles’ downtown.”


    1. Hmmm….. I’ve been doing some digging for more info. (uh oh.. lol) It seems that the info given at the above link re the origins of The Hotel Cecil is not listed anywhere else on the net. That I can find… so far. There isn’t a link listed there as to where this person found the info re the origins.

      I have found elsewhere mentioned that E. Paul Hanner was indeed, in 1930, managing The Cecil for his brother William Banks Hanner. That info was found on pg 1 of the Courier Apr 7, 1930 in an article about another hotel. (do a find for ‘Hanner’ on the page at this link):

      While digging for info, what I did find is interesting. On a pdf document it says this: “Robert H. Schops opened the Cecil in 1924 at 640 South Main Street. The Barker Brothers firm furnished the hotel’s 700 rooms. Similar to many hotels around Main Street, it became mostly a residential hotel after World War II.” Found on pg 66 of the document, and includes 2 pics of the Cecil. One in mid 1920s and one in 1935.

      Click to access historichotels.pdf

      Doing further digging on Robert H. Schops, I found his obit:
      obits listed on oct 2, 1943
      Robert H. Schops
      age 69, hotel operator and well known to circus people on the west coast, at his home in Van Nuys, CA. died Sept 16 following a long illness. He built and operated the Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles. (snipped)

      And then there’s this about the architect:
      “Hotel Cecil 1924 by architect Loy Lester Smith”

      Soooooooooo… it appears that Robert H. Schops is likely the true person who built and operated the Cecil, in 1924, with the architect being Loy Lester Smith. And then later on the Cecil was then managed by the Hanner brothers.

      Still trying to find out what was at 640 S. Main before The Cecil. This area is part of the “historic core” in LA, bldgs there in the early 1900s, a wholesale and warehouse district. I just haven’t found what the bldg at that address was, yet. Before 1905, many Victorian mansions lined Main St, with smaller residential in the surrounding areas. And before those were built, the whole area was agricultural.

      1. Actually I could use your help on occasion, if you wouldn’t mind and you really enjoy it, there are times that it would be great! Email me?

      2. Robert Herman Schops was one of the three men who raised the money and built The Hotel Cecil. Robert Schops had managed hotels for a number of years in Portland, OR, and, then, in San Diego before he moved to Los Angeles. Mr. Schops managed The Cecil when it open and, after 1929 when the Hotel’s creditors took ownership following a downturn in the ecomony, Mr. Schops continued to manage the hotel for a number of years.

        Richard Theis
        Grandson, Robert Herman Schops

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