Good vs. Evil, and the Anatomy of Curses

Good vs. Evil, and the Anatomy of Curses

It’s been a while, but I blog when I can!  Recently I’ve had many questions posed to me about good vs. evil, and curses, how to know if you are cursed, that type of thing, so I thought I would give a general guide that everyone can use for reference.


Good vs. Evil:  If you are in the presence of evil, or anything negative, it’s going to make you feel just a bit uneasy.  It’s just like toxic people in your life!!  If they are toxic, they don’t make you feel good about yourself, good about them, or about anything!  Same goes for bad entities.  Some will make you feel stalked, or followed.  Some will trigger negative memories and instances for you.  ALL of them will drain you of your energy, and it will usually result in physical AND emotional or even mental illness.

***It is GOOD PRACTICE not to try to figure out what level or intensity of bad you have around you.  There is no way for you to know what it’s capable of, or anything for that matter.  It’s BEST to go by this rule of thumb.  If it’s bad, it’s bad. If it’s good, it’s good.  No gray area, no scale for reference, no in between.  It really doesn’t matter, because even if you scale it out on a 1-10 scale, it could be showing you a 3 of activity and negativity, but it’s capable of a 10… you won’t know that, because you don’t know what it’s thinking.  You don’t know it’s game.


If you have something GOOD around you, then it will be respectful of your wishes and your space.  If you don’t want it there, tell it, ask it, be respectful and it will be respectful to you.

NOW!!  With all that being said… Let’s talk Demons.  Just for a second.

Please know I am no demonologist.  I don’t even like using the WORD demon because it’s so “misdiagnosed” and over used.  Absolutely ridiculous how many people assume they have demons.  In 20 plus years of doing this, I’ve only come across 2, maybe 3 that were confirmed, and the rest have been negative entities.  There are very specific ways to tell the difference, even for a novice.  And it’s in it’s behavior.

DEMONS:  Will not physically hurt you (unless possessing you… which I ALSO have yet to see a full legitimate possession, but have seen many oppressions, but that is for another time).  Demons soul intention is to try to get you to take YOUR OWN LIFE, not to kill you.  They will attack your psyche, they will attack you mentally, they will attack you through every support system and every foundation you have.  If you have a resource or a support system, be it family, friends, neighbors, co workers, it will systematically find a way to destroy every connection you have to all of them.  It will find a way to take your loved ones away, and then attack your foundation, it will take your shelter, your transportation, your communication, even take your food.  It will cut you off, and then make you live your nightmare alone, attacking you at the soul and mental level.  This can go on for months, even years.  They can disappear and then come back, twice as strong.  Extremely difficult to get rid of.

NEGATIVE SPIRITS:  They WILL try to hurt you physically.  They don’t have a motivation other than to scare you, make you go away, or get your attention.  They will try to chase you out of their space, will scratch you, throw things around, do what they can to scare you.  They will freak your kids out, they will freak your animals out, and then they will freak you out, until you leave.  THESE ARE NOT POLTERGEISTS.  That’s ALSO for another time.  These are much easier to get rid of, bind and banish, or simply find another way to make them leave.  They appear to be acute hauntings, and once they’ve achieved the desired reaction from you, will leave you be.  They usually don’t follow you from one location to another, unless they know there is something you can do for them. (Mediums get followed all the time, because they know we can see and communicate with them.)

CURSES and HEXES:  These are a different thing all together.  There are two types of curses… Curses and Hexes can be placed on you with intent from a third party,  Alternatively curses can happen naturally through an imprint in time, from an extremely traumatic event that caused so much negative emotion in an individual or family during that timeframe, that it followed down the family line.

Family line curses are so incredibly difficult to get rid of and fix because of the nature of them, usually they originate centuries back, and everything has been changed within that family ever since.  Sometimes it’s just the males of the family, sometimes it’s every other generation, sometimes it’s about money, sometimes it’s about certain aspects of health… but you can’t get back to the original event to have it taken care of.  You need a pro to step in and take care of that for you… I am not that professional.  I certainly have the ability to recognize and even research correctly to find the origination of a curse, and know WHY and how it came about, but I cannot remove it.  I do offer recommendations to people that may be able to help you with that.


Hexes and Curses placed on others:  These attack through a weakness in your psyche, and are usually limited to one person or one relationship, nothing beyond that.  Finding out how and why someone would do this is important, and the motive behind it is key.  You can usually get rid of this on your own or with limited assistance, simply with self protection, but you need to know who and why.  You don’t want to retaliate in any way.  You bless it and set it free.  Many times meditation and soul searching, and even professional counseling will help you heal the weakness that allowed it to get in.

Hexes and Black Magick… usually a “demon” or “henchman” is conjured up by a practitioner during spellwork or ritual.  The practitioner innately will make a deal with the ‘dark one’, for them to carry out work for the practitioner, and it will be for trade.  This sounds worse than it is, and the practitioner is using their own Karma, and affecting their own future, to make life hard on someone else, means if you protect themselves, then they have to absorb what they’ve sent out to you.

Ultimately, it comes down to recognizing, asking for help when needed, and protecting yourself.  Mind Body Spirit connection… all three must be strong at all times!

Personal power equals personal protection – Deliverance from Evil


I recently have been asked to provide a bit of insight into how to protect ourselves when going into these incredibly active and sometimes evil “super haunts”.  Protection against evil is most definitely an interesting subject, so I will try to tackle it in a very multi faceted way, and explain why these things work, why some fail to work at times, and what to do if they fail.

Psychic Mediums are already very open to the other side, as the gift implies.  Entities, whether they be good or bad spirits, or even evil/demonic beings are very aware of us, and of any psychic for that matter.  Psychics work like a beacon to draw them in.  And as any psychic will tell you, once you’ve been to enough hauntings and investigations, you are “marked”, and they know you by name.  It’s not a comfortable feeling.  For that specific reason alone, I advise any psychic medium to be extremely vigilant and extremely thorough with their protection before, during, and after such an adventure, as spiritual oppressions (partial possessions or harassment to drive you mad), and attachments (they follow you home, most times because  you are aware of their presence or they’ve sensed communication possibilities with you, and that is rare for them), and even possessions (full body take over, with the conscious mind either completely blocked, or set aside, as if watching from the side lines), are more likely with us.

This is also another reason that I advise against any psychic or psychic medium participating in “Ripples” like my team does on our show.  A Ripple is a recreation of an event, done in period wear, with props, and then changing the ending, with the intent of creatively provoking EVPs and manifestations from the spirits present.  Ripples may inspire communication, but I see a definite possibility of even inspiring participation by the spirits, to relive the experience.  Who better to do that with, than the already open psychic medium in the group… the easiest way for them to accomplish what they are looking for.   These have the potential to be very messy, and difficult to completely rid yourself of, so please, think twice.  Better yet, take my advice, if you are a psychic medium, simply opt out.  I personally try to be all the way on the other side of the building when this happens.

Now as for the external and ritualistic side of protecting ourselves in these locations.  The following is a short guide of what, why and how.  No one form of protection is better than another form of protection, but will work with your personal belief system.  You must have total faith that whatever you are doing, or carrying, or that your chants or prayers will protect you.  Obviously this is subjective, and there is a certain amount of personal power associated with it, combined with a dose of placebo effect.  🙂



This may be the most popular, and easiest form of cleaning up, after a hunt, for paranormal investigators.  You simply burn a bundle of sage, called a smudge stick, and make sure your entire body has been in some way touched by the smoke.  I’ve seen investigators go so far as to sage their belongings and even their cars before leaving, and many sage their homes after they return.  This is a very effective, yet temporary method of protection, and will likely have to be repeated.

Smudging originates in Native American culture, and is used in medicine and religious ceremonies.  It has been taken up by Pagan and New Age interests, and has been proven effective for hauntings as well.  You can either gather, bundle, and dry your sage yourself, in a non ritualistic way, or you can purchase from New Age stores, Native American stores, and most you can find online, to have them authentically ritualistically wrapped (specific types of sage and other herbs added, and wrapped a specific way with specific colors), and blessed.  Whichever your ghost buster heart prefers.

This is why:  Scientifically, it’s proven that sage smoke neutralizes EMF, or electromagnetic energy.  Ghostie folks, you can try this at home.  Turn an EM pump on, use your Mel, or regular EMF meter, and take a baseline with the EMF… then burn sage, in and around the area, then take another reading.  Baselined.    Now, what kind of energy do spirits most often use to communicate, manifest or even manipulate objects?  EMF.  Therefore, you take their energy away, they either go stagnant until they have the opportunity to get more, or they go elsewhere to get it.  Basically, the Ghostie Chuck-a-Rama is closed.



The use of Blessed Salt Water is to Wiccans, as Holy Water is to Catholics.  They are both blessed, ritualistically.   One with the belief system of the Holy Trinity, and the God, as the father… the other with the belief system of the mother, Goddess.   This will all depend on your belief system.  If you put enough faith and prayer in your own way, into using this in conjuction with your belief system, you have empowered it, and protected yourself, by means of intent, faith, and a bit of placebo effect.

Both can be used to annoint people, objects, alters, and can be sprayed or splattered in areas and rooms, both have the same effect.  These two things, are blessed, yes, but empowered by you.  If you have no faith, then they will not work.


Energy Bubble method

Not until recently have I used this method in hunting, but HAVE used this frequently to avoid speeding tickets and people I didn’t want to talk to… so I know from personal experience it works, even if just on the manifestation level!   This is the practice of visualizing a bubble completely encasing you, but you have the ability to move around.  Then you visualize filling the bubble with white light and the intent of protection.  Make sure it’s a very large bubble, and make sure it can’t pop!  Breathe in some of that protection so you can protect your heart and soul and mind as well.  Keep the bubble on while you are on your investigation.

Or alternatively, the speeding ticket method… enclose your entire car in a bubble, a bubble of invisibility from police that are standing by with their radar guns…. you get the idea.

I’m not sure where this originated from… but I believe now it’s primarily a Wiccan ritual… basically a really quick bit of a spell… whatever it is, I’m here to tell ya, it works.

It doesn’t have to be a bubble, as long as your intent is there, your mind is clear, you are visualizing it strongly.  My good friend Traci, she uses a bunny suit in her visualizations.  Cracks me up, because this is what I see, every time she talks about it… bunny1


Religious Paraphenalia, Totems, Charms, and the like…

I probably don’t have to say this, as I’ve said it before throughout this post, but here goes.  These work because you make them work.  They have to correspond with your belief system.  You empower them with your faith, your intent, and your personal power.  They don’t work because they are magic, or because the magical combination of syllables in your last chant somehow vibrated something loose in the cosmos, they work because of your INTENT, and your BELIEF.

If you look at these and it gives you a thought, where you remember back to a time you felt protected, or it reminds you of a prayer that you heard at church, or it makes you think of a song that makes you visualize protection and comfort, then it’s done it’s job, it’s put you in the zone.  That zone is where you need to be.

It works both ways.  A curse loses it’s power if you don’t believe.  Well so do these items.



How many times have I heard this before, with teams investigating… “Oh, Jay (or Bill, or whomever) is our time skeptic.  He never has anything happen to him, and doesn’t believe anything.  He won’t believe it until he sees it.”

And for years going forward, he will have nothing happen to him.  He will be able to explain everything scientifically, and that’s GREAT for a paranormal team, looking for evidence.  I recommend every team have a skeptic!!  That person will keep you balanced and grounded.

BUT…….the dang skeptics shouldn’t say “I’ll believe it when I see it”, and they always do.  Years and years with nothing happening to this person… this is simple to explain.   Just hear me out.  You are a spirit residing in an old school, church, whatever.  You are not super powerful, but have found the most EMF charged part of the building and you energize frequently.  You wish you could communicate and let someone know you are there.   Maybe get some help to get you where you need to be, or maybe get a message or two to your grandkids… and you think about this alot!  Although nobody ever comes to visit, and you hardly see people, on this particular night, a group of 6 people walk in, right before dark, and they are talking about YOU…….could this be??  You listen, and listen some more, and observe.  You are going to go to the people that are the most open to you communicating with you, that sound excited about it, because you can feed off of that energy, and are the most reactive to it.  So you choose well.

Now the poor skeptic will eventually find some location where there is an entity that simply doesn’t like that he’s a skeptic, and doesn’t like him for whatever reason.  And because this poor guy has been closed to everything for this long, BANG, he has the most extreme, pee your pants, run out of the building screaming, drop and break all the equipment, hell fire experience of us all.  Why?  Because he wasn’t ready.  However, his ignorance protected him up until that very moment, didn’t it?


But what works for ME is this…

I believe the strength that you have, with your mind/body/spirit connection is what protects  you best.  If you have any weaknesses, they can come right in, or will sense it and follow you home to bait at you and attack you that way.

For usually a week before a hunt, I make sure to eat right, and sparingly, high protein, and all natural, and drink A LOT of water or green tea.  This nourishes the body .

I meditate or at the very least ground myself  to stay connected as much as I can to both our reality, and theirs.  I do this daily, sometimes morning and night.  This nourishes the spirit.

At usually this one week mark, I’ve already finished with all the remote and preliminary psychic readings, and am now onto in depth research, or validating through the already done research on other investigations, previous readings.  This nourishes the mind… with the balance of walking, running or just being outside for a couple hours to recharge.

I turn off all media.  The last thing I need is to clutter up the calmness and strength that I’m creating in preparation for the hunt. (empaths out there will relate…)

And then I sleep for two days after the hunt.  🙂  Still, with all of this, I have found that I still get sick after a hunt, with sinus stuff, migraines, and flu like symptoms, for a couple days.  It’s awful, but part of the psychic side of things!!

I’m not going to say this has worked for me every time.  Next blog I will talk about what to do if something slips passed you, follows you home, or hangs out in your blind spot… the raises hell in your home and life.   That’s tomorrow’s read, folks…

Happy Hunting!!  And may light, intent and personal power be with you!


Internet Etiquette: A Course in Respect for Trolls and Haters…

Hello again, all!

As most of you know, I like to keep my posts metaphysical or psychic related, but today I thought I would bring up something that has become, over the last couple months, an issue for me, as well as a continuing problem for others in a higher profile light.  I don’t feel like it was unexpected by any of us, that once you reach a certain level of success, the jealous, and insecure would come out of the woodwork… if you are one of them, please listen up.

When you attempt to post comments on my blog, directly related to my ability, my success, and me personally, did it ever dawn on you that I would have admin rights to my own blog, and can decide whether I want these comments posted before the thousands of people who read it?  I won’t allow those on here, for one reason alone.  I simply don’t want you to embarrass yourself like that.  You clearly have not done ANY research on me, or my work, and are not qualified to make the kind of statements that you attempt to make.  I urge you to remember the following:

1.  YOU came to my site, blog, facebook, twitter… whatever.  I didn’t search you down.  If you don’t like what you read, then why to you read it?  You made the conscious decision to find me.  When you leave comments on a blog, or profile out there that are hateful, it makes YOU look horrible, because YOU made the conscious decision to read it… if you don’t like it, I’m sure you have better things to do with your time.

2.  You are PREDICTABLE.  It doesn’t take a psychic to know that you now obsess, and will be back to read this.  Even though you don’t like my work, my words, or me as a person, you’ll be back.  Haters and trolls tend to obsess.  It’s sad, but true.  I hope you take these words to heart.

3.  Did your mother not raise you with some manners?  Would you say horrible and nasty things to someone’s face like you do, hiding behind a computer screen?  RATIONAL people keep their composure both online and in reality.  It’s seriously COWARDLY to seek anonymity behind a computer screen.  It makes YOU look like a horrible person, and insanely irrational.  Not me.

4.  What are you so angry about?  Can I just remind you that if you seek to spend your free time hunting down things that clearly upset you to this degree, then that ALSO is a direct reflection on you.  Why are you so upset?  Are you insecure?  Do you seek change in your own life?  Maybe you don’t like your job, your appearance, your reputation, your living situation… maybe you were the kid that got picked on all the way through school and have let it bleed into your adult years, and leave you jaded and broken, bitter, and angry.  You would be amazed at the amount of change you could make in your own life, if you flip this energy and use it to make changes in your own life!  Insecure people tear others down to make themselves feel better.  Trolls and haters, I worry for you!!  Please seek help immediately, whether that be professional psychological help, or life coaching!  Concentrate on you for a change!

5.  When you are spewing horrible things about people you don’t know, did it dawn on you that you leave clues behind about why you are so hateful?  😉  For YOUR sake, to avoid further embarrassment, I recommend that you unplug yourself from cyberspace, take a look around, and do what you can to get back in touch with reality.

6.  Now this is a big one……..anonymity is not successful, this is important…  and you should know this because clearly you live on the internet.  IP addresses are logged and traced, and yes, even proxy IP services and addresses… they rarely work anymore.   Be extremely careful, you may want to take a different path on how you spend your free time.  Just because you FEEL all brave and bold behind a computer screen, typing away, doesn’t mean you are anything more than a coward, that when you finally log off for the day, you’re still the person you were when you woke up, insecure, cowardly, angry but NOW getting yourself into more trouble than it’s worth.

I hope this helps clear up any behavioral issues you may have online.  You can even use this in conjuction with what you were taught by people who love you, when you were a child!  You can also use this in conjuction with what you were taught in church!  You… need to concentrate on YOU.  You clearly have way more issues than I do, and you shouldn’t be doing anything or saying anything to anyone else, that you wouldn’t want done or said to you.  Seriously.  Get over it.  Your time is just as precious as mine.


Do you believe in the Source? The Universe? God?

It really does sum it up, I think… everyone has a time to go…

Inspired in their footsteps
We will march ahead
Don’t be shocked that people die
Be surprised you’re still alive

All heads are bowed in silent reverence
The floor is wet with tears of sorrowful remembrance
The alter is filled with hearts of repentance
Perfect love kills all fear, rejoice in this deliverance
I’m stunned by news of the man that was swallowed by a sink hole in Florida, a sink hole just beneath his bedroom of his home. He was in bed, asleep when it happened. Can you even doubt that it was his time to go?

I’m delighted by the response to my readings on the Cecil Hotel, and the Elisa Lam case, as well as the other readings that are, and will appear on this blog. It’s a beautiful thing to see so many of you think outside the box, if even for just a moment, and ask your own questions.

Free thinkers are the ones that will change the world!

With all the frustration surrounding the Elisa Lam case, the oddness, the strange circumstance, I have to point out that everything happens in threes. There was another woman found dead in a church septic tank March of 2011, and another found in Asia, in a water tank… oddly I feel like unless there is another set of threes about to happen, that should end this madness.

I hope, although none of us understand how or why, we understand this… it is not for us to decide when our time will be, and everything happens for a reason. As idealistic as that sounds, it still does not bring comfort. We will understand soon.