Do you believe in the Source? The Universe? God?

It really does sum it up, I think… everyone has a time to go…

Inspired in their footsteps
We will march ahead
Don’t be shocked that people die
Be surprised you’re still alive

All heads are bowed in silent reverence
The floor is wet with tears of sorrowful remembrance
The alter is filled with hearts of repentance
Perfect love kills all fear, rejoice in this deliverance
I’m stunned by news of the man that was swallowed by a sink hole in Florida, a sink hole just beneath his bedroom of his home. He was in bed, asleep when it happened. Can you even doubt that it was his time to go?

I’m delighted by the response to my readings on the Cecil Hotel, and the Elisa Lam case, as well as the other readings that are, and will appear on this blog. It’s a beautiful thing to see so many of you think outside the box, if even for just a moment, and ask your own questions.

Free thinkers are the ones that will change the world!

With all the frustration surrounding the Elisa Lam case, the oddness, the strange circumstance, I have to point out that everything happens in threes. There was another woman found dead in a church septic tank March of 2011, and another found in Asia, in a water tank… oddly I feel like unless there is another set of threes about to happen, that should end this madness.

I hope, although none of us understand how or why, we understand this… it is not for us to decide when our time will be, and everything happens for a reason. As idealistic as that sounds, it still does not bring comfort. We will understand soon.

4 thoughts on “Do you believe in the Source? The Universe? God?

  1. “Free thinkers are the ones that will change the world!”

    Damn straight! This is why the whole Elisa Lam chase has intrigued me so much because I discovered how much of a free thinker she was. Certainly a huge blow for humanity by losing her. Free thinkers unite!

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