Internet Etiquette: A Course in Respect for Trolls and Haters…

Hello again, all!

As most of you know, I like to keep my posts metaphysical or psychic related, but today I thought I would bring up something that has become, over the last couple months, an issue for me, as well as a continuing problem for others in a higher profile light.  I don’t feel like it was unexpected by any of us, that once you reach a certain level of success, the jealous, and insecure would come out of the woodwork… if you are one of them, please listen up.

When you attempt to post comments on my blog, directly related to my ability, my success, and me personally, did it ever dawn on you that I would have admin rights to my own blog, and can decide whether I want these comments posted before the thousands of people who read it?  I won’t allow those on here, for one reason alone.  I simply don’t want you to embarrass yourself like that.  You clearly have not done ANY research on me, or my work, and are not qualified to make the kind of statements that you attempt to make.  I urge you to remember the following:

1.  YOU came to my site, blog, facebook, twitter… whatever.  I didn’t search you down.  If you don’t like what you read, then why to you read it?  You made the conscious decision to find me.  When you leave comments on a blog, or profile out there that are hateful, it makes YOU look horrible, because YOU made the conscious decision to read it… if you don’t like it, I’m sure you have better things to do with your time.

2.  You are PREDICTABLE.  It doesn’t take a psychic to know that you now obsess, and will be back to read this.  Even though you don’t like my work, my words, or me as a person, you’ll be back.  Haters and trolls tend to obsess.  It’s sad, but true.  I hope you take these words to heart.

3.  Did your mother not raise you with some manners?  Would you say horrible and nasty things to someone’s face like you do, hiding behind a computer screen?  RATIONAL people keep their composure both online and in reality.  It’s seriously COWARDLY to seek anonymity behind a computer screen.  It makes YOU look like a horrible person, and insanely irrational.  Not me.

4.  What are you so angry about?  Can I just remind you that if you seek to spend your free time hunting down things that clearly upset you to this degree, then that ALSO is a direct reflection on you.  Why are you so upset?  Are you insecure?  Do you seek change in your own life?  Maybe you don’t like your job, your appearance, your reputation, your living situation… maybe you were the kid that got picked on all the way through school and have let it bleed into your adult years, and leave you jaded and broken, bitter, and angry.  You would be amazed at the amount of change you could make in your own life, if you flip this energy and use it to make changes in your own life!  Insecure people tear others down to make themselves feel better.  Trolls and haters, I worry for you!!  Please seek help immediately, whether that be professional psychological help, or life coaching!  Concentrate on you for a change!

5.  When you are spewing horrible things about people you don’t know, did it dawn on you that you leave clues behind about why you are so hateful?  😉  For YOUR sake, to avoid further embarrassment, I recommend that you unplug yourself from cyberspace, take a look around, and do what you can to get back in touch with reality.

6.  Now this is a big one……..anonymity is not successful, this is important…  and you should know this because clearly you live on the internet.  IP addresses are logged and traced, and yes, even proxy IP services and addresses… they rarely work anymore.   Be extremely careful, you may want to take a different path on how you spend your free time.  Just because you FEEL all brave and bold behind a computer screen, typing away, doesn’t mean you are anything more than a coward, that when you finally log off for the day, you’re still the person you were when you woke up, insecure, cowardly, angry but NOW getting yourself into more trouble than it’s worth.

I hope this helps clear up any behavioral issues you may have online.  You can even use this in conjuction with what you were taught by people who love you, when you were a child!  You can also use this in conjuction with what you were taught in church!  You… need to concentrate on YOU.  You clearly have way more issues than I do, and you shouldn’t be doing anything or saying anything to anyone else, that you wouldn’t want done or said to you.  Seriously.  Get over it.  Your time is just as precious as mine.


11 thoughts on “Internet Etiquette: A Course in Respect for Trolls and Haters…

  1. You hit the Troll on the head with this one. They may say they don’t like you, but yet seek your negative attention. This is mostly true for all obsessive, compulsive, antisocial people. I like to refer to them as Psychostalkgeeks. As you know i am a tech nut and believe me, nobody in cyberspace is invisible. We can all be traced and it doesn’t matter if fdisk , smash, or burn your hard drive, evidence can still be found. Bullying laws have become so strict that it only takes a simple email report to launch a cyber investigation by authorities.I commend you Chelsea

  2. Haters gonna hate. Trollers gonna troll. Ignore them because the only accomplishment they’ll ever have is attention if you even call that an accomplishment. Take that away and they’re reduced to nothing but crap.

  3. So beautifully said! Such tact used so gracefully… I am so genuinely impressed with how steadfast you always prove yourself to be in mind, body, and spirit, not to mention how you so effortlessly show so much class. Bravo!!

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