It’s been a while, but I blog when I can!  Recently I’ve had many questions posed to me about good vs. evil, and curses, how to know if you are cursed, that type of thing, so I thought I would give a general guide that everyone can use for reference.


Good vs. Evil:  If you are in the presence of evil, or anything negative, it’s going to make you feel just a bit uneasy.  It’s just like toxic people in your life!!  If they are toxic, they don’t make you feel good about yourself, good about them, or about anything!  Same goes for bad entities.  Some will make you feel stalked, or followed.  Some will trigger negative memories and instances for you.  ALL of them will drain you of your energy, and it will usually result in physical AND emotional or even mental illness.

***It is GOOD PRACTICE not to try to figure out what level or intensity of bad you have around you.  There is no way for you to know what it’s capable of, or anything for that matter.  It’s BEST to go by this rule of thumb.  If it’s bad, it’s bad. If it’s good, it’s good.  No gray area, no scale for reference, no in between.  It really doesn’t matter, because even if you scale it out on a 1-10 scale, it could be showing you a 3 of activity and negativity, but it’s capable of a 10… you won’t know that, because you don’t know what it’s thinking.  You don’t know it’s game.


If you have something GOOD around you, then it will be respectful of your wishes and your space.  If you don’t want it there, tell it, ask it, be respectful and it will be respectful to you.

NOW!!  With all that being said… Let’s talk Demons.  Just for a second.

Please know I am no demonologist.  I don’t even like using the WORD demon because it’s so “misdiagnosed” and over used.  Absolutely ridiculous how many people assume they have demons.  In 20 plus years of doing this, I’ve only come across 2, maybe 3 that were confirmed, and the rest have been negative entities.  There are very specific ways to tell the difference, even for a novice.  And it’s in it’s behavior.

DEMONS:  Will not physically hurt you (unless possessing you… which I ALSO have yet to see a full legitimate possession, but have seen many oppressions, but that is for another time).  Demons soul intention is to try to get you to take YOUR OWN LIFE, not to kill you.  They will attack your psyche, they will attack you mentally, they will attack you through every support system and every foundation you have.  If you have a resource or a support system, be it family, friends, neighbors, co workers, it will systematically find a way to destroy every connection you have to all of them.  It will find a way to take your loved ones away, and then attack your foundation, it will take your shelter, your transportation, your communication, even take your food.  It will cut you off, and then make you live your nightmare alone, attacking you at the soul and mental level.  This can go on for months, even years.  They can disappear and then come back, twice as strong.  Extremely difficult to get rid of.

NEGATIVE SPIRITS:  They WILL try to hurt you physically.  They don’t have a motivation other than to scare you, make you go away, or get your attention.  They will try to chase you out of their space, will scratch you, throw things around, do what they can to scare you.  They will freak your kids out, they will freak your animals out, and then they will freak you out, until you leave.  THESE ARE NOT POLTERGEISTS.  That’s ALSO for another time.  These are much easier to get rid of, bind and banish, or simply find another way to make them leave.  They appear to be acute hauntings, and once they’ve achieved the desired reaction from you, will leave you be.  They usually don’t follow you from one location to another, unless they know there is something you can do for them. (Mediums get followed all the time, because they know we can see and communicate with them.)

CURSES and HEXES:  These are a different thing all together.  There are two types of curses… Curses and Hexes can be placed on you with intent from a third party,  Alternatively curses can happen naturally through an imprint in time, from an extremely traumatic event that caused so much negative emotion in an individual or family during that timeframe, that it followed down the family line.

Family line curses are so incredibly difficult to get rid of and fix because of the nature of them, usually they originate centuries back, and everything has been changed within that family ever since.  Sometimes it’s just the males of the family, sometimes it’s every other generation, sometimes it’s about money, sometimes it’s about certain aspects of health… but you can’t get back to the original event to have it taken care of.  You need a pro to step in and take care of that for you… I am not that professional.  I certainly have the ability to recognize and even research correctly to find the origination of a curse, and know WHY and how it came about, but I cannot remove it.  I do offer recommendations to people that may be able to help you with that.


Hexes and Curses placed on others:  These attack through a weakness in your psyche, and are usually limited to one person or one relationship, nothing beyond that.  Finding out how and why someone would do this is important, and the motive behind it is key.  You can usually get rid of this on your own or with limited assistance, simply with self protection, but you need to know who and why.  You don’t want to retaliate in any way.  You bless it and set it free.  Many times meditation and soul searching, and even professional counseling will help you heal the weakness that allowed it to get in.

Hexes and Black Magick… usually a “demon” or “henchman” is conjured up by a practitioner during spellwork or ritual.  The practitioner innately will make a deal with the ‘dark one’, for them to carry out work for the practitioner, and it will be for trade.  This sounds worse than it is, and the practitioner is using their own Karma, and affecting their own future, to make life hard on someone else, means if you protect themselves, then they have to absorb what they’ve sent out to you.

Ultimately, it comes down to recognizing, asking for help when needed, and protecting yourself.  Mind Body Spirit connection… all three must be strong at all times!

8 thoughts on “Good vs. Evil, and the Anatomy of Curses

  1. Hi, Chelsea,
    I read your blog and you make so much sense!
    Anyway, I just moved into this apartment a few months ago and everything has gone wrong since. I can’t find a job, there have been numerous “accidents” with my bank account, leaving me penniless, my health insurance has mysteriously been cancelled, and I had to borrow money to get my car out of impound last week! I was reading what you wrote about demons. Is it at all possible that this apartment has a demon? I have been seriously depressed since I arrived here, and the building, built in 1924, has a history of suicides. Am I imagining this? Whom do I need to contact about this? Please help. I am at the end of my rope!!!

    1. Yes obviously there is something there, demonic or not it really doesn’t matter does it? If u can, you should borrow the money to leave there ASAP. It’s sounding like it is tied to the property and likely won’t follow you. Be careful how you handle things until you go. Do the best you can to spend as much time away from there as possible until you leave, and yes seek spiritual protection with whatever belief system you have and keep the faith and the hope alive!

      1. Hi Chelsea,
        Thanks again. I am leaving Wednesday. But the strangest thing happened: I had a migraine so severe that I had to visit the hospital last night after 2 days in extreme pain. The pain was so severe, I had to have a lumbar puncture. I am still in pain! I will have to fight this and get out of here. I can’t stay here anymore!

  2. i also get the feeling that there was a suicide in this apartment, but I can’t confirm this. 5 of the previous tenants before me were forced to move, due to financial, or health problems.

  3. Great post. In regards to curses or hexes, I believe that everyone is capable of transferring negative energy onto others which manifests (and can sometimes ‘feel’ like) a curse. It can be inadvertent or on purposeful. I had an incident recently with a coworker that turned into an all out verbal assault. For a couple weeks afterwards, I just felt like something around me was off. I felt heavy, angry, uneasy, drained and almost like something or someone was attacking my mental and emotional well-being. I decided to smudge my house and myself with sage and began carrying protective stones like black obsidian and hematite at work. I also meditated on shielding myself from this person’s negative intent. Within a few days, I felt much better. While I think this person was not intentionally trying to harm me, I believe their negative thoughts about me were so exceptionally bad that they manifested as negative energy. I loved reading this blog post because I think it’s in people’s best interest to be able to differentiate between everything and anything that is dark.

  4. hi I believe an old friend of mine has cursed me, since we had a fallout she stalked me by telephone and since this time I have been very ill but no one believes that she would do this. she as now opened an online shop to do tarot readings and so on. she is meant to be a psychic but facebooks everyone under a different name, how can I get rid of this curse please advise. thank u

    1. Well first things first… Please don’t be offended when I ask these basic questions. And if u feel more comfortable, u can email your responses to … In what way are you ill? Has this been a constant illness since? And if not, have you identified triggers to this? Do you have any items that she gave u, or that u have shared memories with, still in your posession? Have you during this time been sent anything, or had anything show up on your property anonymously? And lastly, what faith or religious denomination do you identify with?

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