Be in the Know, Live in the Now. The Art of being Self Aware.

Hello, my name is_____and I’m an________

Well for me, my name is Chelsea and I’m an extremely driven perfectionist Type A that has real issues grounding myself and living in the NOW, instead of in the future.  THIS is an occupational hazard for me, and can literally be poison to my life path, because I over analyze and change my path all the time.  I drive myself insane!!  Is anyone else feeling me here?  Unfortunately there is no 12 step program for what I have… I flipped it to be a benefit instead of allowing it to hinder me though…

Most people live in the past, and by that, I mean they let their past effect everything they do, whether they know it or not.  We all have had negative, horrible, sad events happen, people or things disappoint us, we’ve had good times too, that can effect us negatively as well, because of constant comparing our present lives to those times… we limit ourselves unknowingly.   We limit ourselves by saying… “Those were the good times…” or “Those were my best years”… or “Wow, I used to be…”   The past is our school, the memories are the textbooks, the teacher handed back your tests, and the grade is what you take with you forward.  PUT THE BOOK BAG DOWN!  Drop it at the door, it does not serve you today. 


In a nutshell… the past isn’t you anymore.  In the literal sense, our physical bodies regenerate every 7 years, so that alone will tell you that you’re not the same person as then… but EMOTIONALLY and MENTALLY you are also not the same person.  Every experience you have creates emotion associated with it, which imprints your memory, and those imprints are stored at the cellular level.  This is a very basic concept associated with evolution.  It’s science, and it’s how it is.  With those memories stored there, and changing you, you’ve learned from past endeavors.  Negative emotions brought to the surface, from the past, are useless to you.  Shame, guilt, sadness, insecurity, rejection, embarrassment, and any other you can think of.  Wasteful of energy… unless they are not processed, and you have to process them to put the bookbag down and leave it at the door.  And it’s so important to your future!


Manifestation:  We all color our own worlds vividly, we create our own masterpiece that is our life.  Just like any artist would do, we have to clean our brushes between colors.  You cannot manifest effectively our future, if there is residual energy or emotion in our present, from our past.  Clean your brushes!


Life Path:  You cannot expect yourself to live fully and make solid choices if you are basing your future and present decisions on emotions from the past.  Yes, it is true that only a crazy person would do the same thing over and over again, and expect a different result… but usually it’s a past emotion or memory that causes us to do it this way.  You don’t have to change it up, but you do have to make sure that from your standpoint in the now, you’re not looking through emotional fog or smoke. 

Mental Wellbeing:  Ahhh you all knew that at some point this scientific based psychic would go all rogue on ya, and get new age, didn’t ya.  Yes, yes… I’m going to bring up the Mind-Body-Spirit connection…  There is scientific proof that these memory imprints and emotional imprints stored at the cellular level do indeed cause illnesses to manifest on the physical level.  Yes, I’m talking about things like… cancer, strokes, heart attacks, blood pressure issues, diabetes, and many many many more.  And if that wasn’t enough, the stress caused by holding on to these things makes it worse, pre-ages you, speeds things along, and ultimately stress will kill you.   You have to process your emotional memories, understand they are a part of you ONLY in the sense that they helped shape who you are today, bless it, and release it… just let it go.  It would even be better if you can find a way to be thankful for it, because that would work to put you in the right frame of mind for manifestation… but if you can process and let things go, then that already is a healthy (on all levels) step in the right direction.

Now, with all that said, I’m going to tell you the two biggest poisons to yourself, your soul, your achievement, your future.  You need to eliminate these two things, or any derivative of them, from your vocabulary… starting… NOW.  


(helps create excuses and enables fear in the future)


You will need to shift your focus, to learn to live without regret.  You’ve learned something from every experience you’ve had, so there is nothing to regret.  You may have missed an opportunity, but what did you do in the meantime?  You learned from missing it, and learned from what you were doing instead.  Regret is a completely useless emotion.


It is important for your emotional wellbeing, self confidence, and living in the now (grounding), that you find something to be grateful for in every situation.  Not only does this make you a happier, and more fulfilled and well rounded person, it also opens your eyes to learn to view things differently.  On the manifestation level, it aligns your thought vibrations with the Source, the Universe, God, or whatever higher power you choose to believe in or work with (they all go back to the same thing).  That vibration makes manifestation possible.  Be your own magician… manifestation is just that… it’s every day magic.  I encourage you to be your own Public Relations person, and “spin” your past experiences, present experiences and future experiences, to find BENEFIT to your life experiences, even if they are bad.  (I’m really great at this, so if you have trouble, email me).  You’ll get good at it too!


But HOW?  This is harder than I thought!!

People do find it difficult to live in the now, and stop the racing thoughts that can take any of us over…  Well, the New Ager Psychic (occupational hazard, yet again) would tell you mind/body/spirit connection needs to be nourished by detoxifying your body (green tea is a good start… and lots of water throughout the day).  Learn something new about yourself, and learn something new about something that interests you every day… that nourishes your mind.  And meditation is good to ground your soul… and balance your chakras, yadda yadda, yes.  BUT if you don’t have an hour to flatline your mind, and teleport yourself into a different zone, then just try this. 

If you find yourself suddenly obsessing over something that happened in the past, or reliving something, quickly turn your attention to the room you are in.  Answer basic questions… What color are the walls?  What is my favorite piece of furniture?  Count the pillows on the couch.  How much did that piece of furniture cost?  BASIC questions, yes, about what is CURRENTLY in the room, not what was, and not what you wish to be.  Focus on the now.  To take it a step further, literally ask yourself, “How does the carpet feel under my feet?”  Take your shoes off, and feel the carpet, and then yes, out loud, answer your question.  Touch the wood furniture and do the same thing.  And then, when you’re done, ask yourself what time it is… and look at clock, and you are in the now.  Do it as often as you need to until you develop a trigger that will allow you to live in the now quickly… it can even be as simple as a rock from your garden, or something small you keep in your house.  something that symbolizes and is a part of your foundation, your home, your stability, in the now.  But that’s all for another time, and another post. 


90% of your reality is IN YOUR MIND…… manifest with your mind, you experience and feel with your mind, you navigate through the situation with your mind, you process other people’s reactions in your mind. 

We only use roughly 10% of our brains…. can you imagine what your reality would be like if you used even twice that?  Remember to exercise the mind, the body, and the soul, every day. 

LAUGH AT YOURSELF!  Replace embarrassment with humor.  We all do crazy, stupid, and completely out of line things sometimes, and we all make jackasses out of ourselves as well… really, it just depends on how you deal with it, doesn’t it?  Your reaction becomes part of your reality… so… instead of being embarrassed, laugh and make fun of yourself.  Never apologize for who you are, or what you did (unless you hurt someone else).

FORGIVE OTHERS:  It’s for you.  Not them.  If you don’t forgive, it will eat at your soul, until you are scarred.  On any or all levels.  To not forgive is like you drinking poison, and wondering why the other person isn’t dying. 


APPROVE OF YOURSELF.  Don’t criticize yourself.  If you have to literally use the words “I approve of my decision” then do it.  “I approve of my hair” then do it.  “I approve of my goals” then just do it. 

And, yes, I’ll say it… Live, Love, and Laugh……. 

……………Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Be in the Know, Live in the Now. The Art of being Self Aware.

  1. Great advice, Chelsea. It’s helpful for me as I’m entering a transitional period in my life that is quite daunting. You’ve made it a little less so 🙂

    1. That is wonderful!! Although daunting it’s always unique and always something to learn from… usually for the better. Let me know if I can be of any help. Good luck!

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