Boston’s Terror Belt: Historically Tragic Events Continue

ImageThe Boston Marathon Bombings has not left many of our minds. It haunts me, to think of the children associated with it. I have a 19 year old son myself, and I can’t wrap my mind around a 19 year old doing these things, let alone with family. I started to really think about how close it was to where we shot our Boston Haunted Underground episode, and realized the historical tragedy that we filmed about was ALSO on Boylster Street. Google maps and research got the best of me, as I attempted to see how many other disasters, either man made or natural, had occurred in that area.


There appears to be a cluster of disaster, both natural and man made, in a strip of negativity that may even be fed by a vortex of some sort, not sure. This strip is 10 miles long, and roughly 3-4 miles wide, over the water. It extends ENE from roughly 1400 Commonwealth, through and entirely encompasses the Back Bay area, and continues on up through Central Square. This is a major cluster, I believe imprinted by events occuring during the Revolutionary War, and continued on since. Below is the timeline of events I’ve found in this belt.


Image1775 Mass Grave Site, Revolutionary War time Boylston and Tremont, Discovered digging Green Line (900 unmarked graves discovered)


1775 Mass Grave Site, Revolutionary War, where modern Concord Street is now (thought to be a few dozen soldiers buried)


1775 Mass Grave Site (friendly military, women and children, victims of Small Pox) Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury (40 buried)


1858 Federal Street Fire ???


1872 Great Boston Fire, Started Kingston Street and Summer Street (30 deaths, 12 of them firefighters)


1897 Gas Explosion, Boylston and Tremont, above Green Line (6 killed, and some horses)


1942 Cocoanut Grove Fire (492 killed)


7 of 13 Boston Strangler victims…below.

1962 Boston Strangler Victim Anna Slessers found, Back Bay


1962 Boston Strangler Victim Mary Mullens found, Back Bay?


1962 Boston Strangler victim Nina Nichols found, Back Bay?


1962 Boston Strangler victim Sophie Clark found, Back Bay


1963 Boston Strangler victim Patricia Bassett found, Back Bay


1963 Boston Strangler victim Beverly Samans, Cambridge


1964 Boston Strangler victim Mary Sullivan found


1964 Bellflower Street Fire (zero fatalities, 300 homeless, more than 100 injured)


1966 Paramount Explosion and Fire, Washington and Boylston (11 killed when all said and done)


1972 Vendome Hotel Fire (9 firefighters killed during collapse)


Early 1980’s Arson Ring (600 fires) started by firefighters and other civil servants to bid for jobs, many of them in a Fenway neighborhood.


2007 West Roxbury Fire, second location separate from belt but on mass grave site (2 firefighters deceased)


2013 Boston Marathon Bombings, 666 Boylston Street (3 dead, so far… some still in critical cond.)


Back Bay (above):  The Center of the Belt



Yes, I know there is way more going on there than just fires, and yes, other murders have occurred, etc etc… flooding in the area as well… but these are the ones that are written about historically, and are taught about in school… so they were the first to come up. Draw your own conclusions, by all means!!


Now there are WAY more fires, but the ones that are considered the most historical or well known are charted on the timeline above. The others, you can find here, if you choose to chart them, that’s up to you…


Now, this is certainly not saying that living in these areas or working in these areas is necessarily a bad thing, and certainly not a guarantee that anything bad will happen at all! BUT, just like the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, this area holds a lot of imprinting…violent and horrible deaths, some not so sudden, even desecrated bodies. Like attracts like, so these things will continue to happen, along this area… as they have for 300 years.





3 thoughts on “Boston’s Terror Belt: Historically Tragic Events Continue

  1. Wow! Great work on this. Do you think it is possible that some of it is due to Native American influences? I’ve heard that there are many swaths of land in eastern and mid-western states that were cursed by Native Americans after they were forced to leave. It wouldn’t surprise me if this stretch that you found has some elements of Native American history attached to it.

    1. Hi! You know, I honestly really didn’t dive that deep into it, and really what I posted, was just the obvious stuff that I collected. I agree, there are many larger areas of land that are cursed and yes Native American roots… Hmmm, I think I will look into that. 🙂 Thanks for reading!! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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