Life Lessons in Loss… Blessings in Disguise

I haven’t blogged for a while, this I know.  Been busy, hectic schedule, moving, changing everything… but I wanted to share something that happened to me just 13 days ago, that changed my life, and I mean this LITERALLY, and hopefully some of you will read this and it will make a difference in your lives as well.

On July 13, 2013, (Yes, metaphysical me… the numerology was not lost on me),  I lost everything.  Every single material possession I had, other than my car, and the clothes and some toys I had for my children, were destroyed.  Now, people go through this all the time in fires or natural disasters, and they survive it, and move on… for about 4-5 days, I couldn’t figure out how.  Every baby picture, my inheritance, memories of my parents and brother that had passed almost exactly 10 years before this, EVERYTHING.   I seriously couldn’t see past this, and even went into some sort of identity crisis over it.  After all, in my own dramatic Libra way, I equated this to there being no shred of evidence I ever existed.  Seriously heartbroken and MORE than depressed, I began to process the emotions associated with this, and even logged them in the “psychic language database” of my brain.  These are very unique emotions and vibrations, and can relate and pick up on others… this will surely help me in the future.

Well, first things first.  Pulling myself up by my bootstraps (every morning still I do this, as I wake up with sudden realizations of something else in there that can’t be replaced), I remember this.  The Universe takes away before it gives back.  Much like a tsunami, the tide rolls out and sometimes you think it’s so distant, that the ocean may be disappearing…. but when it rolls back in, WATCH OUT!    The Universe gives back, just like this.

Today… oh geez, I woke up to … my college transcripts, diplomas and certificates, gone.  Yesterday… Ultrasound pictures and videos for my babies… gone… The day before that… Every picture and letter I had from my parents and my childhood, GONE!!  Oh God, my father’s thesis, I can NEVER replace.    SLOWLY but surely after these thoughts hit, I remember and recite, like some mantra, “The Universe takes away before it gives back…” 

Over the last ten days I’ve realized quite a few things.  And bear with me on this, these lessons may be obvious to some people, but I am SURE there are others out there that don’t even see or haven’t incorporated these lessons at ALL!! (I had no idea I had issues with these until now)

1.  We as humans, as emotional beings, attach ourselves to ITEMS, material things, tangible things and associate these things with memories, feelings, even hopes and dreams.  These items are only triggers, for without them, we still have the memories, feelings, hopes and dreams, associated with it.  We do this WAY too much, and anchor ourselves into the past this way.

2.  Sometimes, the Universe will decide FOR YOU when you need to do some emotional housecleaning.  By this I mean… there is nothing like the erasing of the past, and the tangible items associated with it, to make you live in the now.  You may cry and grieve these things for a little bit, but what you are left with is actually liberating.  You are left with the keen and amazing awareness of the beauty all around you, and exactly what it means to live in the NOW!  

3.  Now here’s a doozy, and completely non metaphysical, but I thought I would throw it in the mix… If by chance, you lose all what you consider to be your world, and a tangible record of existence, but you haven’t actually SEEN or LIVED with these things in a bit over a year, then YOU DON’T NEED THEM.  You can certainly live without them.

4.  Stuff burns.  Memories are made and kept in your heart, your soul, your mind, and imprinted on your DNA.  If anyone knows this it’s a ghost hunter psychic medium, because it’s those very imprints that we read, the residual energy on location.  It’s no different for the living vs the dead.

5.  If you absolutely MUST have some of that stuff back, even though it’s gone and never to return… find one or two items that remind you of the items you lost, and invest your memories and your emotions into these items.  Consider this… trigger objects for the living.  It’s true, and it works.

The Universe really does give back… and it has been DAILY since this all happened.

If you’ve had a crisis that has forced you to live in the now, I promise you, you will come out of this liberated.  Yes, I know that’s a strong word, but you will be liberated.  It’s very freeing to look around and see things new.  

In my case, specifically, I’ve realized one of the unique lessons of all of this… I held on to soo many memories of my family and my past.  My stuff resembled a graveyard of memories, of people that I loved and lost… my parents, uncles, aunts, brother, baby sister.  It never occurred to me that to surround yourself with, and I say this with a smirk, ‘Dead People’s Stuff’, would anchor you in the past.  It served it’s purpose.  I would look at things and relive happy memories.  BUT NOW, I’M FREE TO MAKE HAPPY MEMORIES FOR MY KIDS……..and THAT is HUGE!!!!

I hope this blog reaches anyone who needs it.  Remember the Yellowstone Fire of 1988.


 So much of that beauty was destroyed.  The park came back 3 times as pretty after that.  This was natural housekeeping… and we are living beings.  It’s no different for us…   

I wish you all well, and wish you the best in learning to live in the NOW, live in the present.  Because if you live in the past, you’re entirely missing the life experience that’s playing out before you NOW, and you’re missing the previews for the future!!  Be grateful in all things, even the bad situations… for they are the situations that bring about the most beauty in the long run.  And remember, Live, Laugh, and LOVE!




4 thoughts on “Life Lessons in Loss… Blessings in Disguise

  1. Sorry for your loss Chelsea but if is for the better. We as human beings tend to cling on to things of the past which I find especially true with today’s day and age with digital photography. This makes us neglect the present while fixating ourselves in capturing the perfect moment via pictures but this ultimately ruins the special moment you share with your loved ones. Wish you all the best 🙂

  2. Omigosh, Chelsea! I am so, so sorry! Here, all this time, I didn’t know. If I can do anything for you, I will. But, really the best I can do is to pray for you and your family.

  3. Wow! This made me cry. I really recognized myself in a lot of what you talk about here, especially being anchored with “dead people’s stuff”. I hauled around my Dad’s 200 pound drafting table for 10 years believing I needed it to keep his memory alive. I wonder what I would do if all my stuff fell away, as it will some day, eventually.

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