The Difference between SoulMates and TwinFlames…



I’m sure you all can imagine that as a psychic, the questions I get most often are about love.  And in the spectrum of love questions that I get asked, I would say that a solid 75 percent ask about soul mates, and when they will meet them.  I wanted to give a bit of insight into the different kind of relationships that we all experience, why some work out, why some don’t, and what that means for all of us.  



People seem to think they have only one soul mate in their lifetime and when they meet this person there will be some mystical magical experience where time stands still and everything is slow motion…angels will sing, light will shine from the heavens and doves will fly through the sky.  The sound of harps playing and pixie dust will fly through the air.  Some people’s vision of this involves multi colored bubbles… floating through the air… yes the kind of bubbles that kids blow in the summertime.  Wow.

Here is the plain truth.  We have more than one soulmate, each and every one of us.  Soulmates are souls that have traveled together with us many lifetimes before, in ‘soul families’.  We find each other over and over again through our lifetimes and play different roles in our lifetimes.  Many come back as family members, sometimes trading roles in the families between two different lifetimes.  Soulmates help one another life lessons, cycles and karmic lessons and clearing.  Soulmates are more often than not friends.  Best friends.  Family members.  Soulmates find us at very specific times in our lives so we feel kinship, friendship, support, love, or to help us with our lessons.

When soulmates find one another, there are a couple of things that happen…….there is an immediate friendship and kinship, a feeling of familiarity but you have never met before.  There is very little arguing, likes and dislikes are the same, and the relationship is harmonic.  Marriage between soulmates is long lasting, amicable, with little stress and MUCH happiness and peace.  Beauty comes from these relationships, bliss comes from these marriages.  But yes, you don’t always marry your soulmates.



Sometimes called Soul Twins, these are very unique relationships.  Twin flames start out as one soul before incarnation and then split into two.  Many times people that are twin flames that are lost, feel that something is missing their entire lives, and suffer without their missing half.  This would be similar to twins en utero that were separated at birth, they KNOW there is something or someone out there that they are missing.  

When twin flames meet there is an uncontrollable and immediate EXTREMELY passionate physical attraction.  This happens immediately and without words.  You know everything about one another without saying a word.  You share space, share energy, share ailments, share dreams… you literally complete one another.  Sometimes it’s as if you cannot breathe without your twin flame.  Friendships do not arise from these relationships… only serious and extremely passionate relationships.

When I say passionate, I mean passion in everything you do:  between the sheets, when fighting, when laughing, when recreating. There is passion in everything.  You feel as though you cannot survive without one another, yet sometimes one of the twins is so overwhelmed by the other, that they flee from the relationship just to survive and find themselves again.  They will be back.  

Twin flames find one another during a time in their lives when they are most able to handle that kind of connection, and before that connection can be handled, they have to work on being independent, both emotionally, and physically.



These often are the relationships that we experience where there really wasn’t a strong connection but you still feel that there is a need to see it through.  This is because you, or the other, or even both of you have either a lesson to learn from it, or some karma that needs cleared by it.

These relationships are usually the “practice run” relationships, short relationships from a month to 5 years long, that we spend the majority of our time with, before we find “the one”.

Soulmates can still be involved in karmic relationships, as that’s one of their jobs in each others’ lives…to clear karma.

You WILL come across soulmates in your lifetime, and may come across a twin flame.  I hope this helps to decipher between the two.  If you are just experienced a karmic relationship, find gratitude in it’s finality, knowing that you’ve learned what you needed to, and won’t have to go through it again.

As always, I’m available for relationship and love readings, or any other type.  If you have any questions let me know!  xo



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