The Power of Three Challenge…



What happens when you see that woman with a child on the side of the road with a flat tire, alone in the snow?  What happens next is ultimately up to you!  You can be part of the ripple effect, or you can pass up this opportunity and let someone else help her.  It’s a thought provoking concept.  Your ripple effect for helping her may save her life, or may kill her by putting her behind schedule and into the path of a semi, later on in the evening that she may have missed before.  What to do, what to do.

The KEY is to not think of the ripple effect, because ultimately what will be, will be… without your help or not.  The KEY is to actually realize there is an opportunity for YOU.  This opportunity is to pay it forward by helping someone in need… this is YOUR opportunity to do something for you, with a huge payoff.  The hidden benefits to paying it forward are amazing.  The power of three is very evident in this process.  For every genuinely good deed or favor you do for another in need, with or without being asked, brings for three good deeds that come to you later when you need them.  


Yes, yes, I truly am advising you all to look at paying it forward with selfish motives… and this may be wrong of me to do, but I’m still gonna do it, because if it motivates anyone out there to help others, and benefit themselves in the process, then the outcome is still the same.  I’m just sharing the secrets that nobody tells you.  

BUT WAIT!!  There is a catch.  Once you’ve paid it forward to another person, you have to forget about what you’ve done.  You have to be grateful for the opportunity and walk away.  You can’t EXPECT these things to come back to you, because the more entitled you feel, the more it BLOCKS these things coming back to you.  You have to have genuine faith and let it go.  You have to feel like it’s good that you did and then forget about it.  And when you do, it opens up the Universe to pay you back in such wonderful ways you will be amazed.  It will be in ways you have never expected and at the most unexpected times.  These will be pleasant surprises, boosts in your career, boosts in your love life, surprises at your doorstep, bonuses of money or even just genuine help, above and beyond, when YOU need it.

Can you imagine for just a moment what kind of benefits you would take away from this if you just do one small deed every day?  Make it a habit, make it a daily function.  Make it a ritual.  And by all means, do it selfishly, but with goodness in your heart.  My challenge to all readers today, to start today, and do one good deed each day for one month.  Come back here, and share your stories of what happens next.  This thirty day experience will change the next year of your life, and I would love each and every one to share your story.  

With love and blessings to you, I say……..GAME ON.  


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