Who is Chelsea Damali?

Chelsea is a natural born clairvoyant, clairsentient, medium and empath and has been solely working using her gifts and abilities professionally for the last 20 years.  As an adolescent, she studied a uniform and traditional education simultaneously with spiritual and religious studies.  This allowed her the necessary grounding and foundation to begin to question for herself and think outside the box.  Free thinking is a staple for her, and she takes no life experience at face value.  Her life path led her into a career as a metaphysicist, consultant to law enforcement, a life coach to elite individuals and clients from all walks of life, and a business coach for small businesses all the way up to large scale corporations.
For the past 20 years she has immersed herself in specialized study in all aspects of the field including parapsychology, criminology, psychology and metaphysical focuses, looking to find that connection between science and spirituality, along with proof of the mind/body/spirit connection.  She is fully aware that these topics may never be mainstream, but ever little bit helps push it forward.
In the past 9 years, her focus shifted to paranormal research and documentation, as she studies vortex’s and multiple dimensions, to prove the existence of alternate realities and perceptions, that so many times the ancients have pointed to.  She documents the effect that this phenomena has on communication between dimensions on location.  Adding this to her credentials has set her apart as one of the world’s leading experts in psychic phenomena coinciding hand in hand with the paranormal and even supernatural.
Assisting in more than 300 formal investigations to date while still working as needed with law enforcement to aid in cold cases and profiling, she still continues to balance her private practice of beloved clients that over the years have become friends.  Still, a strong interest in paranormal reports at locations involving multiple homicides, suicides or other tragedies has most recently led her to study in depth serial killers and their thought processes.
She does become emotionally vested, as witnessed on a televised investigation of the Cecil Hotel, located in Los Angeles, California.  This particular investigation allowed her to focus on Richard Ramirez (the notorious Night Stalker), and  Jack Unterweger , an Austrian born serial killer.  Both killers took up residence in this hotel during their murderous crime sprees.  Of the two rooms occupied by them, one was the site of the murders, and the other was home base for planning, and then seeking solace after the killings.  This unique location housing both sites, along with an extremely strong history of murder and suicide in all rooms of the hotel allows for a psychic look at before, during, and after a killing takes place.  One room holds disturbing residual energy of contemplation and introspection, and the other still houses tangible terror, and regret of the victims, as many guests of the hotel will attest to.
She has now begun to write what can be considered a documentary style case study of both killers, including psychic profiling, interviews with the police and families, and a chilling interview with Ramirez himself.  “The Killers Den, the Real Hotel California” is due out late 2013 for publication.
She has worked on numerous cases intimately with police and with victims families in missing persons cases, homicides, and kidnapping cases.  She has been a teacher to many, a counselor to others, and an inspiration to her friends and family.
Currently, you can watch her on Friday nights, on the Bio Channel on her show, Haunted Encounters, Face to Face, working with her team The Syndicate.Chelsea1 chelseacecil eyesnroses jpeg HE1 he2

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