Ho’oponopono: Trauma Healing with Mind-Body-Spirit connection…


What would you do if you were given another chance, a fresh start at wholeness?  What if there was a way to connect with everything, by connecting from within?  What if you could take all the mental and emotional turmoil and trauma, and process it so effectively, that even the scar tissue goes away?

I had an amazing opportunity to interview Mr. Jon Lovgren, an expert in trauma healing, by way of Ho’oponopono.  Below is that interview, with contact information so YOU TOO can get ahold of him, and see how you can get this amazing second chance at life, the second chance at oneness, attained with peace, hope, forgiveness, and love.

This interview brought to you straight from the paradise of  Hawaii, where it all started.


me:  What is Ho’oponopono?

               Jon:  “I call it, The Pathway to Peace, where miracles become expectations.”

           "Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is an ancient Hawaiian practice of
           reconciliation and forgiveness. The word Ho‘oponopono comes from 
           ho‘o ("to make") and pono ("right"). This is the most common 
           definition of Ho'oponopono; however, when we delve deeper into 
           the meaning of the Hawaiian language, we find that pono actually 
           means, "to be at one with everyone and everything.”

 me:  What is the history of Ho’oponopono?

            Jon:  "Ho'oponopono was originally practiced in a group setting,
            often a family, and facilitated by a kahuna (priest, shaman, 
            etc.) or lapa`au (healer). A meeting would be held and everyone
            would speak their truth and any disagreements would be discussed
            until everyone was pono. Ho'oponopono was outlawed when the 
            white man Christianized Hawai`i. It was still practiced, but not

            "In 1976 a lapa`au, Mornah Nalamaku Simeona, wanted to bring 
            Ho'oponopono to the individual level and she developed 
            Ho'oponopono as it is used today:"

                              I Love You

                              I am sorry

                              Please forgive me

                              Thank you

             "Two critical things about Ho’oponopono:
  1.          The most important things to remember about Ho'oponopono as it
             is used today is that it is first and foremost ALWAYS and ONLY
             about self and never about anyone or anything else. When we
             are saying it, we are saying it to ourselves the Divinity
  2.         Mornah was asked in an interview, “How often should one say
            Ho’oponopono?” Mornah replied, “All the time.” The more we say
            it, the more we start to notice results."


me:  What kind of traumas can this treat?

                 Jon:  “Ho’oponopono is very effective when used in any trauma situation.”

me:  What kind of physical ailments can this treat?

        Jon:  "Ho’oponopono can be used to treat any ailment.        
        I have used it to ease migraine headaches, flu, pneumonia and it has
        helped me to not have to take medication. Ho'oponopono healed 30 
        years of chronic back pain, 40 years of chronic foot pain, 
        anxiety/panic disorders, addiction. It is an excellent treatment for
        bi-polar, fibromyalgia, cancer and even though these have not been 
        healed completely in my direct experience, yet, the quality of life 
        has been getting better and medications are decreasing since 
        practicing Ho’oponopono."
         "Note regarding treating trauma and physical ailments: I do not say
         that Ho’oponopono can cure anything; however, it does heal. The 
         difference?  Curing means eliminating all evidence of disease, 
         while healing means becoming  whole."

me:  How does this work with the mind-body-spirit connection?

          Jon:  "Ho'oponopono works with the body-mind-spirit connection by 
          bringing them into synchronization or harmony. The triad in 
          Ho'oponopono is the  aumakua (higher conscious), uhane (conscious),
          and unihipili (un(sub)conscsious). We may also think of it in terms
          of consciousness, i.e. we all have three minds - the conscious mind
          which can barely remember what we had for breakfast, the 
          unconscious mind - which remembers everything from the beginning of
          creation (zero point), and the higher conscious self - our direct 
          connect to source. When we practice Ho’oponopono, we are instilling
          and  reinforcing love, humility, compassion, and gratitude within 
          our conscious-ness – that is to say all three. When all three are 
          in harmony, we start feeling better, we start seeing less drama, 
          less strife and experience more peace, joy, and happiness."

me:  How can you use this to release/reverse karma?

         Jon:  "Ho'oponopono teaches us that each one of us is 100% 
         responsible for everything in our lives - always have been and 
         always will be. When we embrace and embody that, there is no more 
         blame and we begin to think differently and we pay more attention 
         to our thoughts and actions. If we experience "bad karma" we ask 
         ourselves 2 questions: How did I create this for myself and why? 
         When we accept responsibility and forgive ourselves for creating it
         in the first place, we begin to heal and stop experiencing bad

me:  What is the State of Zero?

         Jon:  "The State of Zero is often a reference to the 'Big Bang', 
         that moment of creation. The goal of Ho'oponopono is to get back 
         to Zero State, i.e. 100% pure, clean and clear - this reminds us 
         that there is no end to Ho'oponopono as we can never reach the 
         State of Zero, at least not in this lifetime."

 me:  What can you expect when practicing Ho’oponopono the first time?

         Jon:  "People often do not experience anything the first time, 
         depending upon why they are saying it. If they are in the middle of
         trauma, they usually feel calmer. I used to lead Mastermind groups 
         and one week my friend Sandi and I were talking story and she said,
         ' "I am saying Ho'oponopono, but I don't feel anything, it does not
         mean anything, I don't really know why I am saying it other than 
         you said it is a good idea." ' I responded saying, ' "Okay, Sandi -
         just keep saying it." '  The next week when we were on the phone 
         again, she was laughing and said, ' "I was saying Ho'oponopono 
         earlier in the week, and... I don't remember what I was saying it 
         about." ' Bingo! and that is the purpose of Ho'oponopono - to 
         cleanse and clear negative, low-vibration thoughts and feelings 
         that are no longer serving our highest good. So when she could not
         remember what she was saying it about, that is because what she was
         saying it about was cleared from her memory. Ho'oponopono is meant 
         to be a practice, a life-style."

me:  Are the results permanent?

         Jon:  "Yes."

me:  How would people get ahold of you to request a session or if they have further questions?

               Jon:  People may schedule a time to talk story with me about Ho’oponopono                         at http://getpono.com/sessions.htm or contact me directly


Who is this Jon guy, you ask?  I present to you Mr. Jon Lovgren…

jon lovgren


Jon Lovgren has been researching and practicing Ho’oponoopono for over a decade. Jon moved to Hawai’i, the birthplace of Ho’oponopono, to gain a deeper understanding of its origin and how to practice it at deeper levels. Upon gaining that understanding and having undergone a complete life-change by practicing it at the deepest levels he has been sharing his knowledge and wisdom with the community around him.

He served for 3 years on the board of trustees of New Thought Center of Hawai`i, a New Thought Spiritual Center, is a Reiki Master/Teacher since 2000, and an ordained minister since 1998 in addition to life-long studies of religion, spirituality, psychology, and philosophy.

Jon provides private one-on-one and couples sessions as well as facilitating numerous workshops ranging from 2-hour Talk Story workshops to 7-day intensive deep dives into your innermost self to allow you to heal at your deepest levels.

Jon has a way of weaving quantum physics, metaphysics, religion, neuroplasticity, and simple common sense into a blanket of easy-to-understand principles that make it simple to practice complex principles to bring us to the person we are meant to be.

                                                                                             Aloha, from Chelsea and Jon.

Why you should keep your money constantly moving…

FeaturedWhy you should keep your money constantly moving…

money in motion

Money is Energy:

Energy is all around us. In all actuality, everything, even us, is made from energy. Money is no different with the exception of one thing. We have made money a representation of trade, and of how much energy we put into our trade for society. This energetic representation is far more than a number, and far more than paper, and far more than what’s on your bank statement. Money energy is tangible.

Payment is an exchange of energy:

You are paid for the energy that you put into a job.

Those funds are a representation of YOUR energy.

Your funds are more than just a source to live off of. You are banking your energy.

Money wants to stay in motion:

Since we have created money as a representation for traded energy in a society, money by nature is an energy that wants to stay in motion. A society is always moving and changing. Because it represents your contribution to society, it takes on the very characteristics of society. It by nature needs to stay moving and changing. Money is meant to reproduce itself: Again, money takes on the characteristics of the society it’s sparked from. If an economy is failing or even dying, the money value will shrink. But if you take that same money and move it to a different economy that is growing, it too will grow.

Money manifestation:

Start small. Put 10-15% of your income into a project or goal. Do this all the time. Make sure the rest of your money isn’t stagnant, and it moving at all times, and it will grow. That percentage of your income directed to a project or goal imprints your very intentions on those specific funds. You are doing two different things here. You are allowing growth of money towards the success of your goal, but also creating a void where that money was, and that void must, by nature, be filled.

Law of Abundance:

“The Law of Abundance- there is ample money for everyone who knows how to acquire it and keep it. We live in an abundant universe in which there is sufficient money for all who really want it and are willing obey the laws governing its acquisition.”


Being grateful for what you have always will make you match the correct vibration to receive more. In many ways, it’s been taught in spiritual and even religious circles that going without is the way we should be. Humility and service are amplified in many teachings. Yes, humility and service are important in any society, but gratitude for what you have will allow you abundance. That abundance is something you can take or leave.  But would you walk away from $100.00 crumpled in a trash can?  No…….so go ahead and don’t feel guilty about it!