SuperHaunt Bucket List #2: Countdown to Death: The Isolation of Lovokomeio

Long known to be one of the most ancient diseases, and one of the most horrific ways to die, Leprosy was considered to be a punishment from God himself.  A quick death, this was not.  But rather, long enough for you to make amends with whatever demons haunted you from your life.


Found to be caused by a bacteria, Leprosy is now curable, with the proper medication, and of course much better results if you catch it early on.  For centuries, patients were not allowed to even visit with their own families, and left in exile.  Leprosy, or rather Hansen’s Disease, left an incredible imprint on any location that was meant to house and isolate this disease.  Your prognosis included years of living alone with your own thoughts, no communication with the outside world, and “rotting away”, from the secondary infections and diseases that would attack a patient.  Skin lesions would leave a patient disfigured and in advanced stages, unrecognizable.  Although the disease would destroy or damage nerves, the surrounding living tissue around the effected area would still endure the pain.


Kindness and mercy were shown to these colonies usually by priests, that would then succumb to the disease themselves.  This was a truly divine labor of love.


Lovokomeio is Greece’s first leprosy colony, meant to house these poor citizens from others, in an attempt to limit the spread. Opening it’s doors in 1378, it is unknown the exact numbers of patients that died there.  Records are scarce.  This facility was meant to only house dozens at a time.  Once a patient was sent to the colony, death came fairly quickly on average. It is not highly contagious, but I’m sure there was constant turnover in the facility.  Since it’s beginning, that part of the country has seen Greek War of Independence in the 19th century when Ottoman soldiers massacred or exiled most of the island’s inhabitants, as well as devastating earthquakes.  In ruins, it finally closed it’s doors 1957.  


From a paranormal standpoint, it is likely that caretakers are still there, as that was their life love.  I’m sure many others that have passed on are there as well.  Residual evidence is high in locations like this with such a high impact of emotional distress and physical agony.  From a psychic standpoint, I am eager to read what is there, and maybe follow a story or two.  A tourist attraction it is.  And a haunting one at that.

SuperHaunt Bucket List #3: A Killer’s Playground, Dunblane Primary School, Scotland

It shouldn’t take the slaughter of 16 first graders to change the gun laws of a country, but this time it did.  In this odd twist, the previous attempts to protect children from what turned out to be a cold blooded killer failed them, by triggering a massacre of historical proportions.  The shots will always be heard at Dunblane Primary School, Dublane, central Scotland.  This sleepy town will never be the same.


The Background:

On March 13, 1996 an extremely pissed off and calculating pedophile, Mr. Thomas Hamilton, entered Dunblane Primary School, an elementary school with 700 children attending.  Armed with 2 9mm Browning HP pistols, 2 Smith and Wesson m19 .357 mag revolvers and 743 rounds of ammo,and a pair of pliers or wire cutters that he used to cut the phone lines to the school,  he pushed through 2 staff members and found Mrs. Gwen Major’s first grade class in progress.  He preceded to fire off 109 rounds, alternating hollow points and full metal jackets, killing Mrs. Majors as she attempted to shield her students, and 15 kids, all between the ages of 5 and 6 years old.  He then turned one of his guns on himself.


The entire attack lasted about 3 minutes.  School had just started, with the first call for help coming in to emergency personnel at 9:30am, and the first responders arriving at 9:45am.   The coroner found that most of the dead suffered at least 5 gunshots, some up to 7.  Twelve more kids and two more teachers were also injured, 3 of them on the critical list days after the attack.  All his guns were legally owned.


Thomas Hamilton had become obsessed with two things in his 43 years of life.  Boys, and guns.  Early on when he was 20, he became a scout leader but was later blacklisted from the organization for inappropriate behavior with the kids, involving possible sexual abuse, physical abuse, and neglect.  He possessed pictures of semi nude boys and kept them throughout his home, because he was “proud”.  Although there were many attempts by him to re-enter the organization, he was never allowed back in.

Instead he ran NUMEROUS boys clubs targeting kids 7-12, from 1975 thru early 90’s, boot camp style, all unsupervised.  One of his clubs even met in the very gymnasium where he ended so many young lives.  Not long before the attack, he had been turned down when applying to volunteer at that very same school.

He opened a DYI wood crafting shop in 1972 that eventually went under.  He blamed the rumors that were spread about him for the decline in business, and began to write letters to Scotland’s scout association, headquarters, parents of kids, authorities, and even petitioned the Queen herself, complaining of HIS mistreatment and victimization.  He believed there was a conspiracy to destroy him.

There is evidence he planned this attack 2 years in advance.  There was also a large gun and ammo purchase 6 months in advance, with an increase in practice sessions at gun clubs.

700,000 citizens signed a petition to outlaw private ownership of handguns, completely outright, as a result of this.  The outcry led to Firearms (amendment) Act 1997, and firearms (amendment #2) Act 1997, making all private ownership of handguns illegal in the UK.  This was the deadliest attack on children in all the history of the UK.


Paranormal standpoint?  SO MUCH residual in the school, it is I’m sure amazing.  I wouldn’t doubt that there would be more than just residual there.  Psychic Standpoint?  I would love the opportunity to read Mr. Hamilton and retrace his footsteps to possibly see where that switch was thrown, and how this could be prevented in other cases.  Is this something that could be predicted?  I believe so.


There are many questions still unanswered about this case, as the ‘higher ups’ decided for the 100 year ban before allowing evidence to be public, even though they hid behind the excuse of keeping children’s identities private…many parents of the victims were the first calling for evidence to be revealed.  Hamilton had Freemason ties, friends in the police force, took too long to get to the school (15 minute trip took 45 minutes), an off duty cop just happened to be at the school but was not questioned or used as a witness.  All of these should be answered, even this long after.



SuperHaunt Bucket List Location #5, Island of the Dolls, Mexico


South of Mexico City, in the ancient Xochimilco district, deep in the old network of canals, is a chinampa, or floating garden… basically a small island.  An extremely disturbing island.  And when I say disturbing, I mean just a visit to this island will mess with you psychologically and emotionally.  La Isla De La Munecas, or the Island of the Dolls, tops the creep factor scale, and will haunt a visitor’s nightmares for years to come.


On this island,  thousands of dolls in various states of decomposition and mutilation hanging from trees, structures, fences, bushes, clothes lines.  Dolls rejected by previous owners for different reasons, decapitated, disfigured, mangled.  Not just that.  This island also has a shed, housing very SPECIAL dolls, complete with an alter set up for the ghost of a little girl found floating in the canals, 50 years ago.  (As if the dolls themselves weren’t creepy enough, right?)

One man’s labor of love and FEAR:


Don Julian Santana was the only inhabitant of this island.  Said to be a loner and described as a hermit, he rarely made visits into the city.  It is said that  years ago, Don Julian found a girl drowning in the nearby canal… some say he tried to save her but could not, and others say that she had already drowned.  This death haunted him and began to change him through time.


Days after the occurrence he found a doll in the canal near where she was found.  He assumed it was hers, fished it out, took care of it, and hung it to dry, hoping this would please her spirit, and as a tribute to her.  Soon other dolls were found in the water, he would fish them out and save them for her too, hanging them to dry.  However, soon it became an obsession.

Her death still haunted him.  He became obsessed.

He started to rummage through trash piles and dumps, looking for dolls and doll parts, so he could try to please her.  When that wasn’t enough, he started to trade his belongings for dolls to please her.

Some say she haunted him and as she became more active, more dolls were collected in an effort to silence her.  Others say he went mad and thought that the dolls were live children, forgotten and left behind, pulling them from the canal and trying to revive them.

In 2001, Don Julian himself drowned in the same canal he found her in so many years ago.

The locals believe that the dolls came alive and conspired to kill him.  Others believe the dolls took over his role and became the caretaker of the island.  I ask you this, maybe he joined her so he could take care of this little girl, maybe he found it was the only way?

Other questions I have… Was he insane BEFORE he began living on the island, and did he have something to do with her death, with this display he created a conscious display of guilt? Was his fear heightened by guilt OTHER than not being able to save her… why the fear that she would come back and kill him?  There is no information about the little girl that can be found… I’m sure this is to protect the identity and privacy of her family.

From a paranormal investigative standpoint, the residual energy there must be amazing.  The attachments that many of these dolls have has got to be incredible.  The fear and awe that visitors have each day feeds the energy that is already there.  It’s said that the dolls whisper, and that you can hear the girl laugh or cry at night.  Don’s insanity and obsession surely has left an tangible imprint.

From the psychic side of things… wow, what to read, what to read.  Items?  Alter?  What happened to Don?  What happened to the little girl REALLY, and what put her there in the first place?  So MUCH information and so many situations to read there!

I. Can’t. Wait.

SuperHaunt Bucket List Location #7: Socialite Serial Killer, Madame LaLaurie’s Mansion, New Orleans

Money and status do not make you a good person.  And no better place to prove this than New Orleans, Louisiana, known as one of the most evil and most haunted cities in the world.


On  April 10, 1834, late in the evening at an upscale party with New Orleans most elite citizens, a fire broke out at 1140 Royal Street, in the French Quarter.  Oddly, the hostess of this party, Madame LaLaurie herself, opted to move the party outside, and so it did.  Little did she know she was setting up ring side seats to what would happen next.  As the fire department and police showed up to the scene, while she scrambled to move her fine furniture out of her mansion, the authorities required access to the top levels of her home, and they were denied access vulgarly and abruptly.  They entered anyway to find a 70 year old slave woman chained to the stove as the house burned around her.  They saved her and some other freed up slaves only to hear in passing panicked stories about the third level room where others were taken and never reappeared.


They found and forced entry into  the room, only to find a number of slaves tied up, chained, mutilated, dismembered, tortured, experimented on, in many different stages of death.  The experimental surgeries conducted in that room left their bodies in contorted positions, many with joints broken and reset, one resembling a crab.  Another was so covered with decomp and maggots that the only way the police could tell he was alive…he blinked.  It was a horrid and psychologically scarring display.  And the responsible party for all of this?  Madame Marie Delphine LaLaurie, with some involvement from her third husband that happened to be a surgeon, Dr.  Leonard Louis Nicolas LaLaurie.

Read the original newspaper articles here: 

There were 10 bodies recovered that night, with the surviving mutilated and tortured slaves put on display at the jail.  But the slaves had many more stories of others that were taken to that room and were never seen again.  It is estimated that there were as many as 90 victims, many buried in the courtyard and thought to be buried in the walls.  When word of these atrocities traveled through the city, a mob formed and she was run out of town.  Her house was looted by the community in an attempt to make sure nothing was left usable in the home.  They succeeded in destroying everything in mansion, and she was not seen again.


It is widely thought, even among historians in New Orleans, that she fled to France, where she later died.  Also there are a few different known potential dates for her death, however it’s reported that after these dates, there were estate transfers to her, and that doesn’t happen with someone deceased….


Madame LaLaurie would have found it difficult to leave her children behind and flee the country, though.  Which makes this a very plausible explanation:  The underground (not so underground anymore) VooDoo community in New Orleans believe (apparently with proof) that she faked the France trip, and traveled into the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain where she became the apprentice of the famed VooDoo Queen Marie Laveau, who she had befriended when Laveau and come to her house to do her hair.  


Because they were friends before the fire, for a few years before the fire, while Delphine dabbled in Witchcraft, VooDoo, and other Dark Arts, I think it’s a very valid question to ask if VooDoo had a part in the torture and mutilation of these slaves as well.  To date, rarely can anyone stay overnight in this building.  



SuperHaunt Bucket List Location #8: The AntiChrist project: Auschwitz

When a sociopath instills enough fear to take over a nation, it really doesn’t matter how irrational his beliefs are.  We all are taught early on what happened during the Holocaust.  Mass grave sites at the concentration camps still exist today.  Between 1933 and 1945 5,860,000 Jews died, with another 5,000,000 non Jewish people listed as casualties as well.  The Holocaust affected Germany of course, but also Lithuania, the Netherlands, and the Soviet Union.


Means of extermination were calculated and usually entailed a train ride like cattle to a concentration camp of their choosing.  If you were chosen for this ride, you were about to have all evidence of you being human ripped away.  It was a one way ride, and everyone new it. The Nazis manning the camps would strip you of all belongings, valuables, sentimental or not… you were a number (literally tattoed on your arm), they would experiment on you, starve you, and then when you’re gone, pull all the teeth in your head with gold fillings so they could melt it down.  They treated livestock going to slaughter with more respect.



Auschwitz itself was the largest concentration camp built by the Nazi Regime, and was divided into three.  “At least 960,000 Jews were killed in Auschwitz alone, men, women and children.  Other victims included approximately 74,000 Poles, 21,000 Roma (Gypsies), and 15,000 Soviet prisoners of war; and 10,000-15,000 members of other nationalities (Soviet civilians, Czechs, Yugoslavs, French, Germans, and Austrians).”  The majority killed in the infamous gas chambers, but many more killed by failed medical experiments, daily shootings, disease, and torture.


I am very aware that the intensity of this location must be respected, both for the victims and for the actions that took place there.  It must be approached with the utmost respect.  This is the final resting place of so many people that were mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children, aunts and uncles.  Each person had a family.  Each person had a story.  In order to investigate a location like this, after so much horror and sadness has taken place there, the paranormal side must be done very carefully, and indoors when possible, but with a secondary focus on the residual energies outdoors as well.  From a psychic standpoint, it is far too overwhelming for even a large team of the best psychics worldwide.  I would like to focus on one or two victims and tell their stories.  I feel that’s the most respectful route to take.

May nothing like this ever happen again.



Personal power equals personal protection – Deliverance from Evil


I recently have been asked to provide a bit of insight into how to protect ourselves when going into these incredibly active and sometimes evil “super haunts”.  Protection against evil is most definitely an interesting subject, so I will try to tackle it in a very multi faceted way, and explain why these things work, why some fail to work at times, and what to do if they fail.

Psychic Mediums are already very open to the other side, as the gift implies.  Entities, whether they be good or bad spirits, or even evil/demonic beings are very aware of us, and of any psychic for that matter.  Psychics work like a beacon to draw them in.  And as any psychic will tell you, once you’ve been to enough hauntings and investigations, you are “marked”, and they know you by name.  It’s not a comfortable feeling.  For that specific reason alone, I advise any psychic medium to be extremely vigilant and extremely thorough with their protection before, during, and after such an adventure, as spiritual oppressions (partial possessions or harassment to drive you mad), and attachments (they follow you home, most times because  you are aware of their presence or they’ve sensed communication possibilities with you, and that is rare for them), and even possessions (full body take over, with the conscious mind either completely blocked, or set aside, as if watching from the side lines), are more likely with us.

This is also another reason that I advise against any psychic or psychic medium participating in “Ripples” like my team does on our show.  A Ripple is a recreation of an event, done in period wear, with props, and then changing the ending, with the intent of creatively provoking EVPs and manifestations from the spirits present.  Ripples may inspire communication, but I see a definite possibility of even inspiring participation by the spirits, to relive the experience.  Who better to do that with, than the already open psychic medium in the group… the easiest way for them to accomplish what they are looking for.   These have the potential to be very messy, and difficult to completely rid yourself of, so please, think twice.  Better yet, take my advice, if you are a psychic medium, simply opt out.  I personally try to be all the way on the other side of the building when this happens.

Now as for the external and ritualistic side of protecting ourselves in these locations.  The following is a short guide of what, why and how.  No one form of protection is better than another form of protection, but will work with your personal belief system.  You must have total faith that whatever you are doing, or carrying, or that your chants or prayers will protect you.  Obviously this is subjective, and there is a certain amount of personal power associated with it, combined with a dose of placebo effect.  🙂



This may be the most popular, and easiest form of cleaning up, after a hunt, for paranormal investigators.  You simply burn a bundle of sage, called a smudge stick, and make sure your entire body has been in some way touched by the smoke.  I’ve seen investigators go so far as to sage their belongings and even their cars before leaving, and many sage their homes after they return.  This is a very effective, yet temporary method of protection, and will likely have to be repeated.

Smudging originates in Native American culture, and is used in medicine and religious ceremonies.  It has been taken up by Pagan and New Age interests, and has been proven effective for hauntings as well.  You can either gather, bundle, and dry your sage yourself, in a non ritualistic way, or you can purchase from New Age stores, Native American stores, and most you can find online, to have them authentically ritualistically wrapped (specific types of sage and other herbs added, and wrapped a specific way with specific colors), and blessed.  Whichever your ghost buster heart prefers.

This is why:  Scientifically, it’s proven that sage smoke neutralizes EMF, or electromagnetic energy.  Ghostie folks, you can try this at home.  Turn an EM pump on, use your Mel, or regular EMF meter, and take a baseline with the EMF… then burn sage, in and around the area, then take another reading.  Baselined.    Now, what kind of energy do spirits most often use to communicate, manifest or even manipulate objects?  EMF.  Therefore, you take their energy away, they either go stagnant until they have the opportunity to get more, or they go elsewhere to get it.  Basically, the Ghostie Chuck-a-Rama is closed.



The use of Blessed Salt Water is to Wiccans, as Holy Water is to Catholics.  They are both blessed, ritualistically.   One with the belief system of the Holy Trinity, and the God, as the father… the other with the belief system of the mother, Goddess.   This will all depend on your belief system.  If you put enough faith and prayer in your own way, into using this in conjuction with your belief system, you have empowered it, and protected yourself, by means of intent, faith, and a bit of placebo effect.

Both can be used to annoint people, objects, alters, and can be sprayed or splattered in areas and rooms, both have the same effect.  These two things, are blessed, yes, but empowered by you.  If you have no faith, then they will not work.


Energy Bubble method

Not until recently have I used this method in hunting, but HAVE used this frequently to avoid speeding tickets and people I didn’t want to talk to… so I know from personal experience it works, even if just on the manifestation level!   This is the practice of visualizing a bubble completely encasing you, but you have the ability to move around.  Then you visualize filling the bubble with white light and the intent of protection.  Make sure it’s a very large bubble, and make sure it can’t pop!  Breathe in some of that protection so you can protect your heart and soul and mind as well.  Keep the bubble on while you are on your investigation.

Or alternatively, the speeding ticket method… enclose your entire car in a bubble, a bubble of invisibility from police that are standing by with their radar guns…. you get the idea.

I’m not sure where this originated from… but I believe now it’s primarily a Wiccan ritual… basically a really quick bit of a spell… whatever it is, I’m here to tell ya, it works.

It doesn’t have to be a bubble, as long as your intent is there, your mind is clear, you are visualizing it strongly.  My good friend Traci, she uses a bunny suit in her visualizations.  Cracks me up, because this is what I see, every time she talks about it… bunny1


Religious Paraphenalia, Totems, Charms, and the like…

I probably don’t have to say this, as I’ve said it before throughout this post, but here goes.  These work because you make them work.  They have to correspond with your belief system.  You empower them with your faith, your intent, and your personal power.  They don’t work because they are magic, or because the magical combination of syllables in your last chant somehow vibrated something loose in the cosmos, they work because of your INTENT, and your BELIEF.

If you look at these and it gives you a thought, where you remember back to a time you felt protected, or it reminds you of a prayer that you heard at church, or it makes you think of a song that makes you visualize protection and comfort, then it’s done it’s job, it’s put you in the zone.  That zone is where you need to be.

It works both ways.  A curse loses it’s power if you don’t believe.  Well so do these items.



How many times have I heard this before, with teams investigating… “Oh, Jay (or Bill, or whomever) is our time skeptic.  He never has anything happen to him, and doesn’t believe anything.  He won’t believe it until he sees it.”

And for years going forward, he will have nothing happen to him.  He will be able to explain everything scientifically, and that’s GREAT for a paranormal team, looking for evidence.  I recommend every team have a skeptic!!  That person will keep you balanced and grounded.

BUT…….the dang skeptics shouldn’t say “I’ll believe it when I see it”, and they always do.  Years and years with nothing happening to this person… this is simple to explain.   Just hear me out.  You are a spirit residing in an old school, church, whatever.  You are not super powerful, but have found the most EMF charged part of the building and you energize frequently.  You wish you could communicate and let someone know you are there.   Maybe get some help to get you where you need to be, or maybe get a message or two to your grandkids… and you think about this alot!  Although nobody ever comes to visit, and you hardly see people, on this particular night, a group of 6 people walk in, right before dark, and they are talking about YOU…….could this be??  You listen, and listen some more, and observe.  You are going to go to the people that are the most open to you communicating with you, that sound excited about it, because you can feed off of that energy, and are the most reactive to it.  So you choose well.

Now the poor skeptic will eventually find some location where there is an entity that simply doesn’t like that he’s a skeptic, and doesn’t like him for whatever reason.  And because this poor guy has been closed to everything for this long, BANG, he has the most extreme, pee your pants, run out of the building screaming, drop and break all the equipment, hell fire experience of us all.  Why?  Because he wasn’t ready.  However, his ignorance protected him up until that very moment, didn’t it?


But what works for ME is this…

I believe the strength that you have, with your mind/body/spirit connection is what protects  you best.  If you have any weaknesses, they can come right in, or will sense it and follow you home to bait at you and attack you that way.

For usually a week before a hunt, I make sure to eat right, and sparingly, high protein, and all natural, and drink A LOT of water or green tea.  This nourishes the body .

I meditate or at the very least ground myself  to stay connected as much as I can to both our reality, and theirs.  I do this daily, sometimes morning and night.  This nourishes the spirit.

At usually this one week mark, I’ve already finished with all the remote and preliminary psychic readings, and am now onto in depth research, or validating through the already done research on other investigations, previous readings.  This nourishes the mind… with the balance of walking, running or just being outside for a couple hours to recharge.

I turn off all media.  The last thing I need is to clutter up the calmness and strength that I’m creating in preparation for the hunt. (empaths out there will relate…)

And then I sleep for two days after the hunt.  🙂  Still, with all of this, I have found that I still get sick after a hunt, with sinus stuff, migraines, and flu like symptoms, for a couple days.  It’s awful, but part of the psychic side of things!!

I’m not going to say this has worked for me every time.  Next blog I will talk about what to do if something slips passed you, follows you home, or hangs out in your blind spot… the raises hell in your home and life.   That’s tomorrow’s read, folks…

Happy Hunting!!  And may light, intent and personal power be with you!


Updates on Cecil Hotel/ Elisa Lam Reading, with announcements

Hello everyone, just a quick update for many of you, as requested.  🙂   I’m sure I mentioned before that I continue to receive information throughout maybe even as long as a week after an initial reading, and there hasn’t been much to gain, beyond what I’ve already mentioned… some of it cryptic, but will mention it anyway.

First, let me just say, I am not 100 percent sure that she was at the lobby level, as the other levels have the marble floor in front of the elevators… therefore, lobby level should be considered regular speculation and please consider this a retraction.

We are still looking over the anomalies I mentioned before, from the elevator footage, that could not be explained away with the video quality.  We hope to give you further information soon.

Now, a couple psychic hits not mentioned before… It would be pertinent to further investigate this, from the metaphysical side of things, to know which room she stayed in, and the history of that room.  I feel that something happened in that room decades ago that was imprinted in that room’s time and space, that was extremely similar to what happened to Elisa, therefore leaving that weakness or open door for the metaphysical and spiritual oppression that I firmly believe she experienced.  It’s pretty commonly known that usually a ‘weakness’ or even a ‘blindspot’ in a person’s overall identity, past, or essence, if you will, allows for these things to happen.  That has been really eating at me since the original reading, so I thought I would mention that as well.

The strange psychic hits that keep coming through, without any reason… I’m seeing a red suitcase, a brown paper bag with a charm or small trinket in it, still with the receipt, found in her room, meant to be a souvenir for a younger girl in her life.  I’m also seeing chocolate, left over.  It’s also relevant that she became more reclusive as she stayed there, meaning day one she was pretty active, out and about, but by the time this all came about, she hardly ever left her room.  It felt almost like she wasn’t allowed to leave, but not being held captive.  I have no idea what THIS is, but it’s like a black button or something black and round that she used to wear as a charm on a small fine chain necklace.  For some reason she felt LUCKY the day before she either checked in or this happened.  It was the day before a significant event surrounding this… so those are the only two significant events.  I DO see someone did follow her a bit and showed interest, but not seeing they had anything to do with this… however this person could have been a problem if this didn’t happen in advance.  Not wonderful intentions, that I’m feeling there.  This person was dark hair, dark eyes, and appears to me of Italian decent or similar… and she did not feel safe in that area of town, no.  Some things did come up missing for her, but it was not related to this, either.  Missing could mean misplaced as well, considering the state of mind she was in by the time that final day she arrived.  More chocolate and more coffee… strange, almost like there were times she could have lived off of chocolate and coffee!

With all of that being said, I feel drawn to go back there.  to investigate more thoroughly.  This will be in conjunction with a documentary to be filmed specifically centered around the Cecil Hotel.  I will be attending in April, and will be able to verify what I’ve seen and confirm some other things as well.  So please feel free to send me any questions and concerns, or any requests of what you would like pictures of, and that type of thing.  Happy to list them and get as much as I can, for everybody that has interest in this extremely bazaar case.  We will have plenty of time to spend really looking at this case, as well as several others there.