30 VERY COOL things you can do with a Damali Reading:

30 VERY COOL things you can do with a Damali Reading:


There is so much more to a psychic/spiritual reading than just telling your future.  A solid reading can affect your entire life.   Readers want to work hand in hand with you to create the life you want, the beautiful life you’ve envisioned.

Come explore what spiritual readings and mentoring/ intuitive life coaching can do for you.


1. Gain insight into your relationship or marriagewedding-rings
2. Gain insight into your kids’ livesteens
3. Career path/planning and timing services to make career movescareer
4. Get accurate time-frames for what to expect the year ahead, with any situation.timing-is-everything

5. Get insight on any situation, past, present, or future.ppf

6. Remove communication blocks and move ahead.communicate-blocks

7. Receive closure from loved ones passed on.angels

8. Receive messages from your guides and protectors.protect

9. Plan timing for events, contract signing, vacations.calendar3_endplay_10246774_ver1-0_640_480

10. Manifestation coaching, Paint Your Life Beautiful!Miracle Worker

11. Go specialized. Get a tarot, pendulum, Celtic Rune reading.runes-reading
12. Plan a psychic reading party.party

13. Find out how someone feels about you, or a situation, learn what motivates them subconsciously and consciously.subconscious
14. Get a health mind-body-spirit reading with all major bodily systems included.healthy-mind-healthy-body
15. Find lost objects, lost peoplemissin

16. Get help choosing your baby’s name (numerology)baby-names-100

17. Find out complete life path and life lessons you can expect.life-path
18. Get personalized day by day astrology or numerology forecasts/horoscopes and personalized for you to your inbox. guidance

19. Get your chart done.chart
20. Get your compatibility done.compatibility-of-horoscope-signs

21. Find out the geographical locations that work best for you and success in life. london-private-geography-tutors

22. Learn your dream language.dreams_1_gettyimages-114474335-1024x738

23. Find out what your spiritual gifts are and realize them. magic twinkles on female hands
24. Find out the history of a location and what energy still resides there.ghost-stairs-110705
25. Decipher messages coming through your dreams. dream
26. Learn about signs and omens in your life and what to watch for. signs-and-omens
27. Life coaching to help you get to where you want to be. life-coaching-qualifications-300x225

28. Psychic mentoring. psychic-ability
29. Learn how to use divination tools. divination
30. Learn grounding and meditation and protection. meditation


…….And so much more!!   The sky is the limit.




readingsNew announcement for those of you still awake!! These are for the rest of July. These announcements and promotions aren’t official until morning at 9am MST…and were supposed to start last week. frown emoticon My team got completely slammed though, so it was delayed. So excited to PRE announce these.

EVERY purchase receives a free gift!! This book is worth $30.00 in pdf format, but I promise you is worth so much more as I teach you to navigate your life with not only dream messages, but to lucid dream, read signs and omens, and use this book as a reference material daily to navigate your life. I’m excited to say this pdf is a mini version to the hard cover that will be soon out and available to the public. Get yours now!

MONDAYS … MINI READINGS all day! These are 20 minute timeslots you can book for $20.00, and is great if you just have one or two questions that need answering.

TUESDAYS … TWO for ONE TUESDAYS! Purchase any reading or reference material on tuesdays, and receive a second to share with a friend, or stockpile for later! You will receive a number to claim the second reading, and can choose to have that added to a gift certificate for a friend if you would like.

WEDNESDAYS … $45 minute specials all day !l Extend your lunch break experience and receive 45 minute readings for the same lunch break discount!

THURSDAYS … Thursday Theory……..Reference materials and PDF’s will be available to purchase on Thursdays only, and will be discounted.

FRIDAYS … TGIF!! Right? Free Reading Fridays contests on Facebook…2 contests scheduled at 1pm EST/10am PST, and then a SECOND contest at 9pm EST/5pm Pacific. Mini readings will be available after that.  You’ll want to add me on Facebook for this……… http://www.facebook.com/cdamali


As always, Lunch Break Specials are available m-f from 11am EST – 1pm PST must be scheduled in advance.

xoxo –Chels